What virus does this

I was trying to clean out some pictures today and ended up with up to 70 copies of the pictures, plus a short-cut to the multiple pictures. I assume this is a virus. Does anyone know which and direct me to a place that can help me remove it.

I’ve been happy with Norton’s.
Though I would warn that you should go for the professional version. Various people I know have had stuff get in with their version, but that mine blocked. (Just a habit from the old days of Windows NT vs Windows 95(?)–it seems that in the long run you’re better to get the “pro” versions of products.)

Probably not a virus.

Possibly a corrupted file, slight possibility of an error on the keyboard interface. :wink:

Forgot the link

Didn’t you just accidentally drag and drop in the same folder? Like you selected the files, dragged them to the dustbin, but then accidentally momentarily let go off the mousebutton while still in the folder area? That would create ‘copy of’ or even shortcuts if you were using the right mouse button and accidentally activated the context menu.

It doesn’t sound like a virus I know of, but if it is, you should be able to find it at www.symantec.com (home of Norton Antivirus, and hosting a large virus database with extensive descriptions on what the virusses do and how to get rid of them).

Were you selecting large groups of files with the mouse? There is a keyboard combination that makes copies of all selected files and immediately pastes them in the same folder. I think there’s also a key combo that makes lots of shortcuts to the selected files. I’ve done that accidentally; unfortunately, since I wasn’t looking at the keyboard, I don’t know what the key combo is.

I wouldn’t be looking for a virus as the culprit here; something wrong with way the system is handling the recycle bin maybe, but another possibility (and it has happened to me in the past) is a knackered mouse or keyboard; I had one once that started to go wrong and the first symptom was that it would intermittently ‘drop’ a dragged item.