What was Final Jeopardy tonight?

Fuckers on ABC broke in with meaningless garbage about who was leading in the Iowa caucuses. Who the fuck cares? What was the Final Jeopardy question?


not on j-archive yet.

if you don’t know about this websight it’s a great resource for Jeopardy! questions

I saw it. The category was “American Natural Wonders” and the clue was something about what Teddy Roosevelt called the one great sight every American should see

[spoiler]the grand canyon

nobody got it right

the guy bet it all and had $0. the girl from west point bet it all and had $0

the asian girl got it wrong but didn’t bet it all so she won[/spoiler]

The topic was, IIRC, AMERICAN LANDMARKS (or some such).

The answer was: “According to Theodore Roosevelt, it’s the one sight every American should see at least once.” (I may have added that last bit on my own.)


“What is Yellowstone?”

“What is Old Faithful?”

Correct response:

“What is the Grand Canyon?”

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Thenk yew!

There were two clues tonight about places I’ve been. The Grand Canyon is one, the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts is the other.

:smack: They pulled a Heidi on us! You think they’d know better by now. Instead of taking up commercial time, ABC interrupted the most crucial point of a Jeopardy game. If they had just waited a minute…

The Heidi Game (for those who aren’t old enough to remember) happened in 1968. The New York Jets were playing at the Oakland Raiders, winning 32-29. With a minute to go in the game, NBC cut away so they could show the network premiere of Heidi in its entirety. During that missed minute, Oakland scored two touchdowns and won the game. Jets fans were outraged and literally blew the fuses at the NBC corporate switchboard with the volume of their complaints. This led to the Heidi Rule, where NFL games must be shown in their entirety in the home markets of the teams. Maybe we need a Jeopardy Rule?

Much, much worse: In 1989, CBS kept interrupting the season finale of Dallas to report on the Tiananmen Square protests (basically Dan Rather and a camera crew knocking on doors and asking questions that no one would answer). Whooo-boy, were viewers (of which I was one) pissed off!!!

“Tonight, China teeters on the brink of civil war!” Yeah, right! :rolleyes:

What an absolute pile of bullshit! I haven’t believed anything on TV news since.