What was I.O.U.F.?

A century back there was a fraternal organization known as I.O.U.F. I have not been able to find any info on this group (don’t even know what it stands for). All I’ve been able to find through search engines (using IOUF plus members or some such limiter) is a couple of obits that mention I.O.U.F. membership.

(Don’t confuse this with the IOOF. The Odd Fellows are still around and I know about them.)

I’m not sure about the USA but I’ve had a look at the list of friendly societies and fraternal organisations that are currently regulated in Australia, the UK and Canada via the websites of APRA (Australian Prudential Regulation Authority), FSA (Financial Services Authority) and OSFI (Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions). I thought they may possibly give a guide to what the IOUF was. There are lots of references to the Oddfellows (IOOF) but nothing for IOUF. The closest match was the Independent Order of Foresters (IOF) in Canada. Perhaps the IOUF was a variant of the Foresters?

My guess is, not knowing just what original document you’re reading, is that the optical character scanner/reader just did a poor job of picking up IOOF, cutting off the top of the second “O.”

Is that possible?

You have stumped a very useful and fun site, Acronym Finder, which has never let me down before.

My first thought was the same as samclem’s–that IOOF had been mis-read (electronically) or mis-typed as IOUF.

Among your members, did you have any noted personalities? We might be able to tackle the search from that direction.

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Actually, the fault is with myself. Shortly after awakening this morning I realized I’d screwed the pooch. It’s A.O.U.W. That’ll teach me to start a thread after my bedtime!

It’s the Ancient Order of United Workmen, a fraternal benefit society started by a Freemason. Amazing how well search engines work when you input the right garbage. . . .