what was last week's South Park?

They were running the top 5 Most Notorius episodes, but I seem to have missed it. I heard it was going to be an hour long, was it the “Eric Cartman’s Dad” one?

Whoohoo! I get to be the first to answer.

<silence> Ah. But I see you already know, little grasshopper.

Yes, it was the Eric Cartman’s Dad episode. The first half hour was a Terrence and Philipps thing (not sure exactly what) which Trey and Matt basically did to piss people off. Right afterwards, was the real episode.

The ones I’ve never seen. Dangit.

If you wanna know who Eric’s dad is…

It was his mom. His mother is a hermaphrodite. About eight years ago, she got some girl knocked up, which of course leaves us with the question, “Who is Eric’s mom?” but well we simply cut to the credits for that! Now I’m sure they were taking great scientific liberties, but it does make for fun viewing, doesn’t it?

No, the first half hour of Notorious Number One wasn’t Terrance and Philip, but was Eric searching for his father. The boys send off a tape of Eric playing with a teaset to America’s funniest home videos (or equivalent) and they win a secondary prize (Kenny’s death sent in by grandfather winning first). Eric uses it to get genetic testing by the doctor. However, at the beginning of the next episode, he is shot.

From what I saw, the hour one was the two halves of the Cartman’s mom episode. They had a little lame intro and blurb by Matt and Trey explaining the controversy. At some other time (not in that hour, I saw it at 2 AM), they showed the Terrence and Philip “Not Without My Anus” episode. Which I don’t believe they’ve ever rerun before.

The only thing funnier than the “Not Without My Anus” episode was the reaction of some posters on the South Park mailing list. The word “betrayal” was used. Some people took the whole thing waay to seriously