What was she doing in there?

I just got back from the bathroom and I had the weirdest experience. Normally I don’t notice what other people do in the bathroom but this was too weird for me to ignore. I was in the farthest stall from the entrance to the bathroom and there was a woman in the stall next to me. As I peed I glanced about and I noticed her feet were facing the wrong way in the stall, as in her toes were pointing towards the toilet. This led me to believe she was either standing up or had some weird problem where her knees are on backwards or something.

Then the flushing started. In the 2 minutes I was in the bathroom she flushed the toilet 8 or 9 times, each time with her foot (or at least this is my understanding as one of her feet would come up off the floor before she would flush) and not once actually sitting on the toilet. After I left my stall and started washing my hands I could see her feet in the mirror and she had begun jumping side to side in her stall.

:confused:What the heck was she doing in there? Can anyone come up with a non-drug related reason to jump around in a bathroom stall and flush the toilet over and over even though you apparently haven’t used it?

had she potentially “overloaded” it and was trying to flush everything down without a flooded mess?

Hmmm. Throwing up, maybe? The multiple flushing could have been partly to cover the noise.

WAG, but the hopping could be to help get her pantihose back up?

She was desperately dealing with a huge, walking-stick turd that wouldn’t go down.

Might it have been a dude in a dress, and he was trying to tuck everything back in?

My best guess would involve female sanitary products, or a serious case of germophobia-slash-OCD that requires her to avoid all possible contact with the toilet with any part of her body other than feet along with a post-bathroom dance ritual to stomp out any residual; germs. :dubious:

Either way, I’m amazed at the skills it would take to flush using a foot. If I was to try that, there’s a 50/50 chance I’d end up falling into the toilet.

She probably felt she had one more poo to go and was jumping around trying to jar it loose. What you saw was the equivalent of someone rocking the vending machine when the candy bar gets stuck.

Except for the hopping thing, this is exactly what I (did) when I purged. I couldn’t do it if someone was in the bathroom, though, especially if they were right next to me.

You know, now that I know how to recognize the signs, I am blown away by how many women purge, especially in restaurants. Even at my place of employment. Though, I did it myself, so I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised.

I flush with my foot in public bathrooms. Almost lost a flip flop one summer doing that!

Purged what?

ETA: oh - bulimia?


Oh, now I feel bad for wondering about her bathroom weirdness. :frowning:

Well, she might have just been doing drugs.

She’s purging.

I haven’t done the foot flush in years, almost broke a toilet once doing that.

She probably shit herself and was cleaning it up!

Forgive me, but even if she was purging - why the foot flush?

Why not a hand flush?

It did sound like she might have been delivering her 10th kid. The women with large families used to brag about how easy it became. They just pop right out. Time to get back to work.

She had vomit and mucus all over her hand/hands.

She probably used one hand to hold her hair, the other was stuck down her throat. Sorry for the bluntness of it, but when you purge, you often get it all over your hand and up your arm.

You wipe it off as good as you can with toilet paper before you come out then try to come out when no one is around to wash up.

My first thought was there was a dude squatting on the toilet bowl & the woman was servicing him. Or the squatter might have been a her as well.

The multiple flushing was simply time-wasting until you left so they could make their getaway.

As to foot flushing, probably half the men in the US flush public sit-downs that way. You gotta be a karate dude to flush a urinal that way, but I’ve seen it done.

With the advent of auto-flushing toilets, foot flushing is fast going the way of phone dialing.