What Was The HEAVIEST Tank Ever Built?

I heard that the US Army tried a 100-ton monster tank back in the 1950’s-apparently, the Army decided that such a tank would have evry limited usefulness (as most of the bridges in Germany couldnot handle that weight).
Heavy tanks also tend o be very slow, and the huge engines required would require enormous fuel capacity.
Anyway, the Russians had a few monster tanks before WWII-what is the heaviest modern tank?
And,anybody know about the 100-ton experimentaltank? Doesit still exist? :cool:

As silly as I feel linking to Something Awful (a humor website) for historical information, this guy seems to make a very strong case in favor of “The Ratte” that the Nazis were supposedly developing:


It’s the second one on the list.

188 freakin’ tons. Damn.

Wait, my bad, that’s “the Maus” that’s 188 tons.
The Ratte looks to be 3 or 4 times that size…

And this page has pictures of the one surviving Maus of only 2 complete and functional units ever build:


(Actually it is the turret of one prototype transplanted on the other one)

The American tank you are thinking of is the T28. See the first link. A T28 is ondisplay outside ofthe Patton Museum at Fort Knox KY.



“German mineclearing vehicle - Alkett Minenraumfahrzeug”

Am I right in understanding its a two wheeled vehicle with huge slabs of metal on the wheels? Cool :cool:

I believe the King Tiger was the largest tank to be mass produced and see action in WWII. It weighed around 70 tons (I heard 85 tons fully loaded on a documentary) and got about 8 gallons to the mile. It was too heavy for most if not all bridges in Europe. As with a lot of these super weapon projects, the Germans would have been better off mass producing something smaller, simpler and easier to operate. I had forgotten about the Maus and Ratte. Talk about bad ideas!