What was the HGTV show where neighbors nominated you cuz your yard looked crappy?

We are watching Desperate Landscapes after watching Yard Crashers and I asked my husband the question in the title. He thought maybe Curb Appeal but that show does not have the neighbors-hate-your-yard aspect that made this show especially snarky. Mostly though, the homeowners were portrayed as well deserving saints of the community.

Some details that I remember: The host and his carpenter argued a lot. Also, there was a black sidekick designer who would do a quick and easy freshening up of someone else’s front yard. I also remember a grand finale where they spruced up a whole block. This may have been a few years ago.

Sooo, does anyone besides me remember this show?

Maybe you’re remembering Curb Appeal: The Block.

“The focal point is one home that is deemed an ‘eyesore.’ The typical suspects: an unkempt, weed-filled yard, ugly porch fixtures, peeling paint. Often, neighbors nominate said home. The guilty party, once confronted, is usually okay with the idea of a free renovation and is well aware of the ‘eyesore’ problem, Gidding said. Usually, the family has neglected their front yard area due to lack of funds or a focus on other priorities.”

Yeup, that is it.

Now my question is: What was the name of the show where they fixed up the front of your house because you asked them to? For this show I remember all of the homeowners being extremely picky and demanding. This show had a host contractor and guest designers.

You may be describing more than one show.

I’m quite happy being cable free but did enjoy lots of that HGTV stuff. One of our ABC “aternate” broadcast channels has Fix This Yard. In which there are critical neighbors–but the owners don’t really mind because of the mostly good work done.

They also show Sell This House; after all these years, surely more of the former dumps have sold. But the show is still fun because it shows how much better most rooms look when you just get rid of all the junk…s

I remember Sell This House. I liked Design To Sell better, though.

I’m pulling up a bunch of half remembered reality homeowner shows now. What was the HGTV show where the homeowners couldn’t sell their homes, called in the network experts and we all were subject to the homeowner’s disconnect from reality when their two room shanty-town mud hut wasn’t worth a quarter of a million dollars? Many of these houses went unsold.

I’m not imagining this show, am I?