What was the last publicly embarrasing thing you did?

As I was walking home there were a lot of seaguls flying about pissing me off. I spotted a stick so I decided to pick it up to throw at the seaguls.

Well that was my intention, but my hand had other ideas, and held on to the stick for half a second too long, and what I actually did was throw the stick almost horizontally behind me. (It was an underarm throw)

So I carried on walking as if nothing happened, hearing the stick land somewhere in the distance behind me, but not looking round.

There were people watching.




Walking through one of the twistier corridors here at work today:

“Dum de dum…doot de doo…uh oh…gotta rip ass. Hmm…no one else in the corridor with me…seems safe…”


:: turns corner, finds three casual work acquaintances staring ::

Ah well…at least it wasn’t one the really nasty ones that I save for when I get home.

I do embarassing constantly; thank god I’m finally old enough they don’t bother me.

Last one was Saturday down at the rowing club. I was waiting around for the caoch and the board members to stop chatting when some ducks walked up the dock. I love chasing things so I thundered down the dock to scare them and then giggled when they scrambled away. And turned around to see everyone staring at me. :smack: Gotta remember that I’m 38 and not two…

Reading an amusing novel I happened to have in my bag, I came to a really funny part and chuckled audibly.
Too bad I had forgotten that I was on a packed, quiet commuter bus at the time. :o

It was Monday morning, and it involved the owner of the company I work for.

Let me tell you the story. Two weeks ago, I injured my knee rather badly which meant I was supposed to be off work until I saw the doctor for a second time on Tuesday, but we had a client who absolutely, positively needed something on Monday and I was the only one who could do it. I hobbled into work and leaned my crutches against the wall of my cubicle while I worked. Later that morning, our owner, a heck of a nice guy stopped by my cube to see how I was doing. As I turned to face him, I knocked over my crutches which slowly but invetiably fell over and caught him squarely between the legs! :eek: :o Now, these are lightweight, aluminum crutches, courtesy of an emergency room in Dayton, Ohio, so I’m pretty sure our owner enjoyed hamming it up a bit, but I was still ready to die of embarrassment.

It gets worse for our poor owner. You see, it looks like I’m going to be on crutches for the next 3 or 4 weeks!


I was downtown early one Saturday morning to compete in a race. There were Port O’ Lets all lined up and I poped in real quick for some last minute relief.

Finished, as I stood to pull my shorts up apparently this particular potty had a center of balance I was standing exactly over and it began to rock back and forth rather violently and audibly… whack whack whack whack whack for about 10 seconds.

All of a sudden I hear peals of laughter from dozens of other racers outside that were lined up to use the facilities. It was so hard to open the door and face them all.

I attended my 20th high school reunion.
[sub]I PWN you all. Bwa ha ha ha ha.[/sub]

I went bowling last week with my husband and son. I rented shoes because we were out of town. I walked up the alley to throw my first ball, but my foot stopped abruptly instead of siding just a bit. I guess the bottom of the shoes weren’t slippery enough. Anyway, the momentum of the ball carried me over the foul line and I fell right on my stomach. The lane is pretty slippery so I slid just a bit. Everyone was laughing (there was a family of about 8 the next lane over) and my husband loudly announced, “Well, we just had a few margaritas with dinner, so you can expect that to happen!”

Mr. Del and I were out with another couple, and we ran into a woman about my grandmother’s age who has been a close friend of our family since before I was born. I have literally known her my entire life. When I started to introduce her to the friends we were with, I completely blanked on her name. :eek:

We were out of doors, so I was able to time this with some noise from a passing car, and I said “Mrs mumble mumble mumble, these are our friends John and Mary Smith” Of course, my friend kept trying to loudly inform me that she hadn’t heard the name, and I kept trying to ignore this and talk over her, while giving her the evil eye.

Heh, danced through the streets of London - twist, as a matter of happenstance - with my girlfriend. All the way through L. Square through Picadilly… Well, gave people a good laugh and I was too high to care.

At work, I parked in a parking space bordered by a curb. Walked around the side of the car, opened my passenger door to get my purse, shut the door, and promptly fell bass-ackwards over the curb on my tush.

It entertained the group of people having a smoke on the sidewalk in front of the building. :rolleyes:

Yikes!! I once witnessed someone cutting the cheese at work.

I had gone over to the office of a co-worker whose computer hutch was positioned in such a way that you wouldn’t see anyone waiting at the door. Since he appeared to be in deep thought and was typing madly, I decided to wait a few minutes until he stopped typing to interrupt him.

The typing then stopped, but before I could gather my thoughts and interrupt him, a really loud PPPPPPPFFFFFFFTTTT emanated from his office. Complete with the subsequent sigh of relief.

Since I wanted to protect the integrity of my nose, I left.

Got piss drunk at a party after prom.

Mixing vodka with more vodka… :smack: :smack:

You know, I’m still a few years away from 38, but I think I’ll keep doing that and enjoying it as long as I still am able.

Yeah, I don’t actually intend to stop either (the squirrels, they fear me. And that nutria from this morning? His little webbed feet are still quivering. I just stay away from the swans.) but it’s always kinda embarassing to remember how weird that looks…

I was in the hospital in an open-type ICU. I had to fart all the time in front of everyone. They don’t care, I know, but still… I didn’t care at first when I was out of it, but when I was waiting around for a room to open up. There is no dignity in a hospital.

The Mayor’s Ethnic Commission here puts on a ball every year, and the Scottish Society always fills up a few tables. We’re usually close to the dais of VIPs.

I wore a big poofy ‘ball skirt,’ and during dinner, it got tangled up in the legs of my chair (unbeknownst to me). I started to stand up, and the next thing I knew, I was on the floor. My skirt had pulled the chair over backwards, and me with it. Right in front of the Mayor’s table.