What was the name of America's first Minority Jet Pilot?

Does anyone out there know? I don’t mean the first Fighter Pilot, but the first Minority to ever fly a Military Strike Jet. My first guess ( and this is ONLY A GUESS)is that he would had to have been a former member of the Tuskeegee Airmen of WWII. If anyone out there knows better (and have either a cite or book for referenceing) please chime in with any information you may have. I have been searching for this info now for quite a while and so far have found nothing useful.

I am very good friends with an original Tuskegee Airman pilot, and he thinks it was Daniel “Chappie” James Jr.: http://www.military.com/Content/MoreContent1/?file=BH_Tuskegee4

The Tuekegee Airmen were only used in World War II, and they didn’t use jets back then. The military was intergrated by the Korean War, when jets were first used. If General James wasn’t the first, he was one of the first and the best known.

I can offer a newspaper article about the only “Negro jet pilot in the Navy” from 1952. Lt. Earl L. Carter. Best I can do tonight. Obviously there were others in the Air Force?