What was the name of that stuff they put on the floor when kids vomited at school?

…it’s probably no longer in use, but I remember in grade school (early 70s), there was this stuff that resembled chemically treated sawdust the janitor used to put down on kids puke…anyone remember what it was called? (and yes, it would make an awesome BAND NAME!)

I think it was FloorDry

that stuff is mostly small “pebbles” and is used as “oil-dry.” I don’t think it’s the same stuff as used to cover puke.

The more I think about it, FloorDry doesn’t have an odor like the stuff used in school. I googled “vomit absorbent granules for schools” and there’s a bunch of similar products on the market now.

was it ‘puke away’? no maybe that wouldn’t work as a good name.


If not, it should have been.

IIRC, “Tidy Cat”


When I went to school, vomitus was cleaned up using Dustbane sweeping compound. It looked like green sawdust and had a distinctive scent not unlike pine-sol.

The one I remember was Vo-Ban.

And… …yep, they still make it.

I can’t remember what it is that we used at Walmart, but we had a similar system for any liquid spill. I seem to remember it being “All-zorb” or something similar, but I’ll be damned if I can find any info on google. :confused:

And they still use it in schools when the vomit is…significant.

At my job, A roller coaster at a popular theme park, we see people vomit daily. Multiple times, all over the place. We use stuff that we call SandSorb, sort of a portmanteau of sand and absorb. In essence it’s kitty litter.

Exactly, what I remember! :stuck_out_tongue:
(and I’m pretty sure it’s still sold, and is still used by the Houston ISD, 40 odd years, later!):smiley:

When I worked at Six Flags, we had a big ole bucket of kitty litter.

We librarians call it “vomit powder” but I don’t know what it technically is as the children’s room gets to keep it. :slight_smile:

Sawdust. Seriously, well… at least when I was young.

Wow, I hadn’t thought about that stuff in years, and your description just brought it back. That smell WAS very distinctive, and very potent.

Do schools still use it?

See post #14. :wink: I verified it, yes they*** still ***use the stuff!

When I was a kid, the custodians use a sawdust-like product that smelled exactly like pencil shavings. I think maybe they were…