What was the name of this late 70s toy?

When I was a kid, circa late 1970s, I had this battery operated toy where you went head to head against a chicken in tic-tac-toe and a few other games. The chicken was in a bubble-like enclosure, and to simulate its “thinking” over moves, it kinda turn side to side and made plucking sounds. Unfortunately, there was a bug in the primitive programing, and sometimes the chicken would just twitch around and never make a move. Pretty hilarious, and I always looked forward to this snafu as a kid.

What was the name of this toy? I’ve been trying the search engines and looking on Ebay, but I cannot find it.

Hey! I saw something in a flea market once that fits that description pretty close: Eight by ten inch red plastic thing with a tic-tac-toe board in the middle with a chicken in a plastic bubble on the opposite end. Each segment of the game board had a red and green LED’s (they diddn’t work").

The thing I saw was called “Cluck-Tac-Toe”.

Don’t remember the toy, but I remember the arcade game. They had a live chicken behind glass; you could play tic-tac-toe against her. The chicken kicked my ass every time.

Quick update:

Although my memory says “Cluck-Tac-Toe” my SO claims it was “Chick-Tac-Toe”.