What was the original purpose of the ships in The Matrix?

Initially, I had assumed that the people of Zion had built them themselves, but seeing the Plaque of the Mjollnr with ‘Made in the USA’ makes me think that perhaps they had been built in ages past before the machines completely took over. But if that was the case, what was their purpose? They have guns, but they are arranged for defense (they all point backward). The ships have crew compartments but don’t really seem to have any cargo space.

I humored myself with the prospect that they were merely futuristic school busses or something, but then why would they have those plaques (who knows, maybe they were added later? sooo confused! :confused: )

Probably to fight the machines before they were enslaved.

I think they were originally designed as troop transports and gunships before humanity was enslaved, sort of like a futuristic C-130. Also in the Animatrix, they are shown to be made by the machines.

Actually, I’m fairly certain the ship that the machine is making is a futuristic sports car, because immediately after they show the production line they have a corny commercial for a fancy hovercar.

Good suggestions. Its clear that they’ve been heavily modified to serve a more practical use, so having huge firepower or large cargo capacity isn’t going to be practical when flying around rescuing unplugged naked people.

Anybody know any rough dimensions of the ships? I know that the Logos and the Mjollnr are not exactly the same, Niobe testifies to this “Damn she has a fat ass!”.

I am willing to bet they are all exactly the same model.

FYI, the circle elctricity thingies that are littered all over the ships, were invented by the machines and before the big War, they were sold to the humans.
I found that out in the Animatrix DVD’s.

Are you sure the ships weren’t designed to hunt tigers in Scotland?

Hee hee, I like that idea a lot :smiley: