What was the story on the FSU Florida lineman who fell asleep?

In a Florida vs FSU game earlier this year, an offensive lineman on the right side appeared to go catatonic during a play. (video: http://www.wimp.com/footballplayer/) Did anyone ever get an explanation of what happened to that kid on that play?

He thought the defense was offsides. Linemen are told to hold still when the defense jumps offside to avoid being mistakenly penalized for a false start. Besides being mistaken about the defense being offside, this guy carried his instructions a little too far as well.

He doesn’t seem to be the sharpest knife in the drawer. Wow… that’s … wow.

I’m guessing a small seizure.

From Sportingnews.com:

“The Florida State linemen are taught extensively in the ways of “The Freeze” as is, staying in formation when a defender jumps across the line prematurely to ensure that the officials catch it and flag the offending player. But when the flag doesn’t come and the play isn’t blown dead, a blocker is probably better suited not letting his quarterback get killed. The other four guys cottoned on to this. Sanders is committed to the Freeze like a method actor.” :smiley:

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My guess is he felt the defense was offsides and that if he stubbornly held his position long enough one of the officials would realize it and make the call.

I think he was talking to his girlfriend on a hands-free helmet cell phone

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The OP’s video link is dead. Anyone have a better link?

Works for me, FWIW.


This is how it’s supposed to go. Good discipline, but I don’t see how it really helps.

Man, that doesn’t even look real–more like a video game.

Maybe the OSU oline should have frozen on that stupid no call that turned a free play into an interception. Grrr.

Now it works. Huh. Thanks, guys.