What was the wicked witch of the west's first name?

We all know that Glenda was the Good Witch from the East.

Did the Wicked Witch from the West actually have a first name?

According to Gregory Maguire’s excellent book, “Wicked,” it’s Elphaba, after a saint who secluded herself behind a waterfall. I don’t believe there’s any canonical name for her from the official Oz books.

Nitpick: The East Witch was also evil (she’s the one who got crushed under the house). Glinda was either North or South (I think it might vary between different versions of the story).

I’m pretty sure Glinda was North.

Glenda was the Good Witch of the North.

Glinda was the good witch of the South in the original book. And the slippers were silver, not ruby. And it was the “wicked witch of the East” who got housed. That’s 1910.

Chronos is correct.

In the book, Glinda is the Good Witch of the South (and probably the most powerful person in all of Oz). Dorothy meets her toward the end of the story (after encountering the wizard), and it is she who tells Dorothy how to get home. The Good Witch of the North (who is never given a name as far as I can remember) is the one that Dorothy encounters at the beginning (and who does not know how Dorothy can get home, as opposed to the “I could have told you but you wouldn’t have believed me” crap that is one reason the movie is so lame). In fact, one of the later books in Baum’s Oz series is titled Glinda of Oz.

In the movie, the Witch of the North is the only good witch we ever meet, and she is named Glinda.

Glinda was the Good Witch of the North.

Glenda was Ed Wood’s alter ego.

Maguire developed the name as an homage to “L. F(r)a(nk) Ba(um)”.

Also, according to the book, the Witch of the North had the appearance of an elderly woman. Glinda, the Witch of the South, had the appearance of youthful beauty in spite of being old.

To Baum, the familiarity of a first name may have seemed appropriate for the youthful Glinda but not for the elderly.

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And it was the “wicked witch of the East” who got housed.


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I always thought the WWotW was named Rubbish, as in this scene in the movie:

Was I mistaken?

In the funkti-fied Broadway Musical version The Wiz, Glinda is South, and the Good Witch of the North is Addaperle. The Wicked Witch of the East (the squished one) is Evamean, I believe, and our ever-so-lovely antagonist (I portrayed in my high school’s production of it, I gotta talk her up a little :slight_smile: ), the Wicked Witch of the West, is named Evillene. Totally not canonical, I’m sure, but in that version, that’s what they are.

I think it’s just the good witch brushing off the wicked witch’s threats, though the idea of someone being named “Rubbish” I find hilarious for some reason. Hehe, Rubbish.

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I’m pretty sure it was Sandy. You know, Sandy Witch.