What was this 80s green claw toy/novelty jar lid?

Okay, this one’s a bit obscure…there’s an odd “toy” I’ve had since I was a kid (it’s boxed away at the moment, but still around): it was actually a novelty lid (it popped on over the top of a regular one) of either a can of toy “slime,” or bubble bath, or something. It was a hollow, light green rubber “claw” with four taloned fingers (counting the thumb), and molded-on details to make it look like it was still covered with little tendrils of slime. The whole thing was about…five inches long, I’d say, from wrist to the end of the fingers, on a two or three inch base, roughly.

I think it might have been a He-Man tie in, but I don’t remember for sure. I might be able to dig up a photo, or at least make a crude sketch, if needed. But can anyone refresh my memory as to what exactly this beloved old monstrosity was?

It it was a He-Man tie-in, one would assume it was part of the container for the slime for the Evil Horde Slime Pit.

Unfortunately, I can only find pictures of the Slime Pit itself, not the slime container. And I never had one, so I can’t go off my own memory.

I don’t know about that one but you did remind me of a toy from the late 70s I haven’t seen around since then. A black plastic box with a small slot on top. You’d set a coin in the slot and a hand would pop out, grab the coin, and take it back into the box.

Here’s one

That’s what the thread title reminded me of, too! I actually gave one of these creepy hand banks to my brother (and he loved it!), only the model had a decomposed green hand instead of a healthy skin-tone hand.

Dead green hands FTW! :smiley:

In the 80s, I had Dinosaur bubble bath that came in a plastic jar. The bubble bath itself was transparent green and meant to look like slime, and it came with a little plastic toy dinosaur at the bottom.

I don’t remember there being a decorative lid, but I’d be kinda surprised if there WASN’T and that sounds like it’d be a good fit.