What was this demon spawn that landed on my leg?

I got into my car after today, looked down, and this horrible beast was on my leg.

Figuring it was either a freakish half-breed, Hell-spawn that had managed to escape into our world, or a genetically enhanced super-bug, produced in the basement of some mad scientists lair, I took a photo with my phone. I was able to do so without it getting too rilled up, though you can see it spread it’s wings (all four of them) and stretched out it’s half inch long stinger. And I’m not sure, but it almost looks like it has four legs per side! I mean, seriously, it’s like a hornet, scorpion, and a dragon-fly had a baby, and it was then fed steroids while someone made sacrifices to the Devil to give it super size and strength, or something.

I was able to then stealthily opened the door and shood it off my leg with a wrapper from a Quizno’s Sonoma Turkey Sammy…I mention this because I can only imagine a regular piece of paper would have been useless and that the Quizno’s Sonoma Turkey Sammy has some sort of scent or other property this beast didn’t like.

So is there a human name for this terror from beyond, or are we stuck with unpronounceable syllables that instill madness in those that hear them?


It some type of wasp but I don’t know the exact species off the top of my head.

Vespula Killitwithfireicus

I just want to say that this was a fantastic OP! Brilliance, all of it, right down to the Quizno’s Sonoma Turkey Sammy.

Don’t they have Wasps in other countries than mine? That looks like a pretty bog-standard wasp to me.

It’s a species of horntail, family Siricidae, which are hymenopterans and thus related to wasps.

Looks like it might be the Pigeon Horntail Tremex columba.

Most wasps around here like more like this.

They are less than half the size of the thing I saw, with a very noticeable “skinny” portion between the thorax and abdomen.