What was this New Zealand Fruit?

I was in Tauranga, New Zealand in July. I ate at a restaurant close to Mauao, on the closest street to the ocean on the east side of the peninsula. I got a drink that was mainly (all?) pureed fruit. I want to remember the name of this fruit. I think I was told it was “Fuji”. I remember it as tasting both more sour and sweet than Kiwi. It was not Kiwi, and not apple. I never saw the whole fruit, so I can’t describe that.

Most likely Feijoa

That looks like a winner. Thanks dynamitedave. I highly recommend the fruit.

As do I.

If you ever get a chance, try feijoa jelly lollies (or candy or sweets or whatever). A few supermarkets in New Zealand stock them in their bulk food bins, and they are simply divine. The closest I can find on the net is here, but they don’t look quite like the ones I know and love.

I grew a feijoa bush in the garden of my last house - they’re more or less hardy, but rarely set fruit here in the UK - mine did flower though, and the flowers are edible - the petals are sweet and chewy - a bit like toasted marshmallow.

There’s a whole boundary here at my home planted in feijoa bushes. Good harvesting come the autumn.

BTW, though, there is a type of apple called fuji, as it happens.

I spent my childhood cleaning up feijoas as they dropped daily on the driveway - I grew to despise them. I think they move in and out of favour, but are currently on an upswing.

Feijoa crumble is pretty good, though :stuck_out_tongue:


Anything crumble is good. Rubarb and apple were staples in our household.

We have the makings of a children’s story here :slight_smile: . “Once upon a time, in the Kingdom of Butter, where the Toasted Marshmallow Blossom trees grow, Princess Feijoa looked out from her tower window and sighed.”

Picking Boysenberries for crumbles was a favourite childhood pastime (with apples or feijoas or on their own). Rhubarb, peaches, apples, loquats. The BOP was a great place to grow up.

Need Custard, too :smiley: