What was this old HAL 9000-parody commercial?

I’ve been trying to find a commercial I saw once, many years ago—a gent in a business suit sits down in a 1960s-style computer room in front of a big, wood paneled computer terminal, basically a retro-fantasy PC, which is controlled by a HAL-like computer intelligence. Which, of course, begs “Dave” not to shut it down, in vain.

I don’t remember the company, or even what it was a commercial for—though I’m guessing it was for laptops, or a newer brand of PCs, or somesuch. But I’d love to see it again, just for the design aesthetic they used.

However, all my searches are coming up empty…does anyone happen to have a better idea of what this one was?

…I think I’m allowed one bump, da?

The only HAL-themed commercial I can think of was one for Apple, in 1998 or 1999. HAL is apologizing to “Dave” for the Y2K problem, saying that there wasn’t anything he could do about it, it was in his programming, and after all, he’s not a Mac. But the only visual to the commercial is a close-up on HAL’s front panel, with the ominous glowing red eye.