What was this Thai/Cambodian "village" near Ithaca, NY?

I went to college in Ithaca and graduated in 2005. On breaks I would usually come home to my parents’ house on Long Island, taking NY-79 to NY-17, the route shown here. One time while driving home, I missed a turn and drove about 10 minutes the wrong way, and saw on the side of the road a place that looked like some sort of village or maybe campsite (or something else? not sure), with a sign out front. The sign had lettering that looked like either Thai or Cambodian script.

As to exactly where this was, I believe the wrong turn happened somewhere near Whitney Point, either where I was supposed to turn from 79 to 26, or from 26 to 81. It was several years ago, so I don’t remember all the details, but the road I followed incorrectly may have been 11, 26, or 206. It was definitely before getting to 17. Also, I am pretty sure the place was on the left side of the road relative to my route. I have tried looking on google maps using both satellite and street view to no avail.

Anybody have any idea what this place I saw was?


I guess this is pretty specific, figured I would give it one more try to see if anybody knows anything about this or where I could find out.