What was your childhood safety blanket?

I was looking for something this morning on the shelf under my computer desk and found Teddy.

Teddy was my safety blanket when I was a child. Even as a teenager, after my Mom died, he slept in bed with me.

I don’t remember a time where he wasn’t ratty looking. He has an eye that was darned by my Mom after my dog decided to chew on him. I remember throwing up on him in the middle of the night when I was about 7. One of his ears is bigger than the other from dragging him around by it. But, I wouldn’t trade him for 1000 of the newest bears.

Every time I am asked what would I grab from my house in an evacuation situation, he is the only thing, aside from husband, dogs and important papers.

That was your security item? BTW, pictures are welcome. I’ll try to get one of Teddy tonight.

Hahaha, my “security object” was a 20 millimeter M61 Vulcan aircraft cannon shell (inert) that my dad gave me when I was 5 years old. I carried it with me in any situation where I would be scared (getting shots at the doctor’s office, the dentist…I guess that’s pretty much it.)

I have no idea what happened to it. It was probably lost, like many of my childhood objects, when we moved to another house.

My safety blanket was… a safety blanket. ‘‘Silky Blanky’’ was the official name. Eventually I left it at a friend’s house and never returned, so I got a new one.

For the record, I STILL have a Silky Blanky. Actually, two. One for the bedroom and another matching ‘‘travel size’’ for overnight stays elsewhere. I toss and turn without my silky.

I didn’t have one and either did my kid. He did, however, have a Spiderman T-shirt that he had quite an attachment to. I forget how long I let it go, but he went through a phase where he wanted to wear it every single day. I think I finally washed it while he was in the tub.

When my younger sister got a cute red and white stuffed monkey, I really really wanted a stuffed monkey. My mother gave me a black one.

I carried that thing everywhere. My sister and I played with them all the time, and even made a book of “Monkey Adventures.”

When we cleaned out my mother’s things after she died, I found she had kept the monkeys. My “black monkey” was an earless, tailless, naked Mickey Mouse.

Did you laugh or cry?

A little of both. We were very poor, and I image my mother got it out of someone’s garbage can and gave it to me to shut me up about wanting a stuffed monkey.

You know, your story had an Awwww factor before. Now you just amped it to 11.

Btw, you still have it, of course?

My blankie is neatly folded on the shelf of the closet in our guest room. Seated comfortably on it is my doll, “Alice,” and my stuffed puppy, “Puppy.” They will never leave me.

I didn’t have one safety object, but I always had to have a hankerchief, which I rubbed on my nose as I sucked my thumb. I think I had a pretty permanent scab on my nose for several years from all that rubbing.

My son had “Catbear”. This was a stuffed teddy bear that my cat played with from before the kids were born. When my son started stealing the bear from the cat and dragging it around with him, we’d tell him, “You can’t take that, that’s the cat’s bear!” He took possession of the bear anyway, but the name stuck.

I would rub the wide satin blanket binding between the fingers of my right hand as I sucked my left thumb.

I don’t remember a security item, I’d have to ask Mom. My therapist actually said that compulsive overeaters tend to have been weaned and then not had an item to comfort them after that.

I didn’t have anything like that as a child, but my niece sure did.

“Bebe” the blanket went EVERYWHERE she did and god help us all if Bebe went missing. I recall my brother making a 2 hour drive to retreive Bebe when it was accidentally left behind during a trip. There would be no rest in the house 'til it was recovered.

My neice is almost 30 (!) now and she still as Bebe. It is a scrap of blanket about 4 inches square.

I had a blanket that had a silk (or silk-like) trim. It was red on one side, and had circus prints on the other, IIRC. I never really used it, but my little brother used it after me (I’m 5.5 years older). He likes (yes, present tense! He’s almost 21!) to rub it through his fingers to help him fall asleep. He calls it his BB, and I tease him about it all the time (all in good fun, of course).

I have a teddy bear that I still sleep with (actually my back sort of hurts if I don’t!) that I would call my most prized possession, but it’s not my “security blanket.”

My mom calls my brother my “security brother” because I could do anything as long as he did it first. I think it might still be true, and we’re both around 30 now :slight_smile:

I had Puppy.

Puppy was a little rag-doll dog. I don’t think he had any stuffing, just a couple of pieces of fuzzy cloth sewn together, with soft little ears and bead eyes.
My son has Doudou, a soft little bear hand puppet that my aunt sent us when he was born. He sleeps with it every night.

I had “Skinny Pillow.” This started out as a zippered pillowcase, but in the end was just the zipper with a fringe of fabric tied in a few knots. I think Skinny and I were inseparable until age 3 or 4.

My bear is a panda-style teddy bear, named “Big Ted.”

Instead of a blanket, I got very attached to a particular pillowcase (it was very soft) and that was named “Pillowcase.” I know the creativity is killing you, right?

After all these years, Big Ted is showing his age. His head flops over because his stuffing is disintegrating, he is missing one eye, and the parts that were originally white are now … well, they’re not white. His fur is almost completely worn off. A few years ago, I came across an article about one of those doll hospitals, and how they also do teddy bears, and how all these celebrities bring their bears in … at first, I was thinking “oh, that would be GREAT” and then I actually got upset when I read how they cut open the bears and pull out the old stuffing.

I wish I did. Poor “Mickey Monkey” got lost in the moving shuffle one year.

You know, if we had mailing addresses listed, you’d have a ton of naked tailess Mickeys in a week.

Btw, it’s now up to 21.

I had Simon. His head was a plastic chipmunk head, and his body was stuffed, with a yellow S sewn on his chest. I loved that doll, even though I had no idea who Alvin and Theodore were.

When I was around ten, a friend and I played football with him. We tossed him, kicked him, and generally abused him. I laughed, but inside I felt really bad. It was like abusing a trusted friend.

I think he eventually ended up getting thrown out.

Oh, Simon! I miss you!