What was your favorite decade for Music?

Which decade produced the best music for you?

Doo-wap in the 50’s ?
Psycodelic in the 60’s ?
Progressive in 70’s?

For me, it was the 70’s. Hard rock and progressive rock were king. I thought that bands could venture out farther and do weirder things than any other time.

Led Zeppelin became Gods.
Punk was born
Yes, Genesis and Rush were free to do whatever the fuck they wanted!

I still like music from all the decades but the 70’s was the best! (and some of the worst!)

swing music! so, what, the 40s? it was before I was born but I love it.

Does categorizing music into decades make that much sense any more, though? It used to, sure: The styles of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s are all distinct and recognizable. However, everything made since the 90s onwards (in fact, everything since, approximately, the Pixies) sounds contemporary to me, and if there’s a music of the 2010s that’s distinct from the 2000s, then I sure don’t know what the difference is.

Not saying that this is a bad thing, though. The 90s were my favorite decade, so if they’re still going, that’s awesome.

(Then, of course, I could just be hopelessly out of the loop. And what are those juveniles doing on my lawn anyway? Hang on, since when do I even have a lawn?)

Decades are as good as any, in terms of arbitrary delimiters. I tend to think music tends to shift around the middle of each decade: the early '70s were a continuation of the late '60s, whereas the late '70s were the era of punk and New Wave, the latter flourishing still in the early '80s.

That said, I prefer the '70s first and foremost:
[li]Pink Floyd, Yes and Genesis all released their best albums[/li][li]Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, The Cars, The Police and Kate Bush all started out and released great albums[/li][li]Alice Cooper, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie and Queen were all huge names with incredible output during the decade[/li][/ul]

For me, it’s a tie: 70’s and 80’s – two distinctly different eras of music with sub-genres a’plenty.

I’m going to also say that for most people their choice will be centered on their formative years. That period which represents the coming of age, passage from child to adult though (oddly) not strictly one’s teenage years.

I mean from my choice, it wasn’t a 20 year stretch for me to complete puberty (or then again, was it?) but it seems that whole period represented a journey with the tunes of the time providing a pastiche backdrop.

Not really. In fact I’d say no single style was “king” but rock was spreading out in all directions - hard rock, soft rock, jazz rock, southern rock, folk rock… on and on it went and a lot of quality stuff in each genre, even though some of it wasn’t my cup of tea. Heck even disco, which I so hated at the time, has aged really well. Sure it’s vapid silliness, but it’s very upbeat and positive, even “life affirming” in a way.
60s was great and had more heart/soul to it then the 70s, and wasn’t as polished, but that could be good and bad. And frankly the whiny hippie protest thing gets old after awhile.

50s are right up there, though much of it is as silly and bubble-headed as disco…but again nothing wrong with that per se. I can’t stand it when people think all music has to be “serious” or “edgy.” Barf. God forbid some music shouldn’t be just kick up your heels and have fun kind of thing.

80s would be next to me - the thing of artists/bands coming and going far too quickly took hold at this point, and while the “new wave” thing did produce some good stuff,

90s on out: double barf. Boy bands and rap come to the forefront. Does this no-talent noise really need explaining?

PS I am sure there is good modern stuff out there and not all stuff from back when was good by any means. I mean cmon, Rupert Holmes, need I say more. But on the whole for sheer volume and quality of great artists and music, IMO 70s takes this one.

My favorite for rock music was the decades 1966-1975, and 2001-2010. Unfortunately, the popularity of rock music itself died down considerably in the 2000s. While there were a bunch of great emo/pop punk/melodic hardcore bands, as well as a whole passel of listenable indie bands, very few of them had commercial success compared to rap and dance.

not meaning to snipe, but you know those are 11 year blocks not decades.

For me the 70’s was jr. high to college years, the best of times.

The 70s get my vote, although there’s certainly stuff from 1966 to 1969 that are at the very top of me play lists.

A better way to think of it, IMHO, is what you were exposed to during the period where you’re forming your own conception of “music”…and then the peak periods of those artists you heard then.

I was born in '78 with a transistor radio in my hand and a turntable by my side, so in my first seven years or so, I was bombarded with '70s albums and '70s artists who had survived into the '80s. My first album was a compilation from '83 that featured Steve Miller, Cheap Trick, Elton John, Dr. Hook, Roxy Music and Earth, Wind & Fire–all essentially '70s acts who made it into the '80s. So while I missed most of the '70s, I still experienced that decade’s music when discovering what “music” was.

I agree. In the 70’s (my fave), he best was was in the earlier part of the decade, having a swansong in 1976.

I picked the format only because it was easier. If pressed, I would have to say my favorite time period for music was 1967-1976.

I added an extra year because the 0 always seems more intune with the prvious decade then the next. Plus, I’m peculiar.

I voted 1970-1980 by mistake, really wanted to vote '60-'70, but my favorite 10 years are probably '65-'75. How’s that for a definitive answer?

a decade might be a OK period, though not starting on the 0.

The 1970s. Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder were in their primes, plus it included the beginning of Prince’s career.

Decade? Try “Century!”

(Die-hard Vivaldi fan.)

My answer too; see above.

I agree with the '65 - '75 voters, but voted for the sixties in the poll because of 1968.

I agree with the “formative years” theory. I graduated high school in the '80’s and that’s what I voted for. Lots of good heavy metal bands came out of that era (and plenty of bad ones as well), but to this day it’s still what my iPod is filled up with.

the period 65 to 75 would be a decade of music that should be grouped. the early 60s and late 70s were different from the other part of those decades.