What was your favorite toy as a kid?

Absolute favorite toy was from the Sears Christmas Wish Book catalog in the mid-60s, a “Jet Propelled” glider:

Vertibird. I still think about getting one from eBay or something.

I had one of those!

As a middle-schooler, it was stamps and coins, and I loved building those AMC or Revell model car kits and painting/customizing them.

I had a bag full of little plastic animals that I played with every day. I would act out stories from books, mostly. The animals played human characters when needed.

Well in that case there’s still time to change your answer. :rofl:

OMG, I loved those! I had forgotten all about them. Yes, those were great.

Probably too much of a liability nowadays.

I had the Matchbox 1966 Batmobile, which had (among other things) a retractable battering ram in the front (to lower it, you pressed the little antenna on the hood) and fired tiny red pellets (that always got lost) out of the rocket tubes in the back.

I also had slot car versions of both the Batmobile and Bond’s Aston-Martin. Jeez, how those things could move around the track! Slot car racing is one thing from the '60s I wish would come back.

I was walking through Goodwill a couple of months ago and saw a like new set - in the box! - I couldn’t resist… I bought it. Ah, memories. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ve got a set of Lawn Darts still. So does a friend of mine. Cool toys, until everyone overconsumes. But you’ll have that, won’tcha?

Mark me down as another Matchbox Cars guy. I still have my mid-1960s collection of around 60 of them, still stored in the fancy tri-fold case I received one Christmas.




LEGO by a good margin (and especially Technic sets once I was 8 or so). But I also had Erector, Construx, and Capsela sets, which were all fun in their own ways. Erector because the metal parts felt more real, Construx because you could make really big things, and Capsela because it had floating parts.

And I don’t mean he drew with them. They were the characters.

Yes me to! Sounded familiar so I had to google it and yes the brunette in the groovy pantsuit, the blue eye shadow and thick eyelashes. Kept a them & few Barbie dolls in vinyl playhouse. Deep storage I know there they’re still here somewhere.

Just found my kids American Girl dolls. And Playmobil sets. Breyer horses. Stuff I wanted as a kid. Lol!

I remember liking legos crafted a house boat for a shag pad iirc🤔 imagination!

Tinkertoys for me too. I always wanted the next bigger set each next Christmas, partly because lots of pieces broke or snapped off. I didn’t have Legos, but they didn’t have moving parts so much back then, unlike Tinkertoys’ windmill.

Without asking me wife, I know her answer would be a Chatty Cathy doll. Lately she’s been collecting them, since they have different eye and hair colors.

My winnie-the-pooh stuffed animal. When my dad was buying this in the store, Katherine Hepburn was in front of him buying the same thing! :slight_smile:

Creepy Crawlers and Flower Power and Fighting Men- probably some other mold sets too.

I also had a Pretzel Jetzel and an Incredible Edibles. Both worked- poorly. I still have my Mr. Peanut peanut butter maker. It too was disappointing.

A few years back, Big Lots had some cotton candy machines on a black Friday sale for $15. I always wanted one when I was a kid, so I bought the two they had- one for my great nieces and the other for me. Wow- those things really work well compared to every other food related toy I ever had. The nieces were well-pleased! Mine has since been commandeered by my stepdaughter.

I was most happy with some felt tip pens and some fresh clean paper to draw on.

But I guess my favourite was a little toy train and road set. I have a pic of it here, as my Mum still has it stored away for her grandkids (and soon, great-grandkids).

I loved the space set legos as I made my own ships for my StarWars men … even tho they’ve been making official sets for like 20 years now it’s just not the same

the first toy I ever "threw a campaign " for ala "a Christmas story " was a snoopy sno cone machine …the neat thing is when I went to grandma’s she didn’t like the Kool-Aid over ice so she bought us real sno cone syrup …

I loved my Flintstone Building Boulders. They were like giant styrofoam Lego blocks. They were big enough to build a house that I could fit inside.