What was your first election, who did you first vote for?

It was the 1988 primary, I had just turned 18, I voted for Jesse Jackson.

My first election was a school bond issue. I was still in high school, they called an assembly for all of us over 18 and urged us to vote yes. I, with a typical 18 year old attitude, voted no.

Gulp, my first presidential election was 1988 and I voted for Bush/Quayle. I never voted for another Republican again until 2002 when I reluctantly voted for Deborah Pryce. The Democratic opposition was pretty far out there This year I won’t vote in that race.

Damn… I must be old enough that “Nixon” seemed too obvious… (Where’s my cane? I need to shake it at those kids on my lawn.)

First election I was eligible was for my high school’s budget in 1972. I was 18 and 18 year olds got the vote the day of the election, but I couldn’t vote, since you had to register three days in advance. The vote lost, and they reran it; I voted then.

For the general election, I voted for McGovern. I’ve voted in every general election and nearly all primaries since then, even doing it illegally once*.

So vote!

*I had moved a week before primary day and couldn’t reregister in time. A candidate’s supported told me to just show up at my old polling and vote there.

1980, Clark.

Jimmy was my first vote and I’m proud to have helped put him in office. I’d write him in this year if he’d accept my nomination! A truly good man.

1988, my first and last vote ever for a democrat. Voted for the Govenor of MA, M. Dukakis. What a joke he was, I only voted for him, as my family is/was all Dems… my parents, their parents, all the aunts and uncles.

Shortly after I began to think for myself, and collect a paycheck. That changed my mind right quick.


2000 Primaries. Went for Bradley. Knew he wouldn’t win, but I just couldn’t bring myself to vote for Gore with a straight face. Went for Nader in the general.

That was a lesson hard learned. I see in Kerry all the things I didn’t like in Gore. He has my full and entusiastic support as well as my vote.

  1. Voted for Bush. I can’t remember if I was old enough to vote in the presidential primaries or not (I turned 18 in July). If so, I voted for Dole.

I remember it clearly. 1981, 5th grade math class. I was fixated on Jenny Perkin’s short plaid skirt 2 rows ahead of me. Suddenly, Ms. Raymond called me to the front of the class…


Oh, you said first ELECTION!
(sorry, it had to be done)

Born in 1950, so my first Presidental election was in 1972. For all the good it did, I voted for McGovern. I thought Nixon was unfit for public office, and I’m pleased that history has proven me correct.

I’ll be voting against the current Administration in November. That will have no effect on the outcome of the election, because Idaho is, arguably, Bush’s safest state.

Me, too. I turned 18 in 1989, so the first election I was eligible to vote in was the '92. And I was away at college, so my for very first election I voted by mail.

I’ve always been an Independent, and the state I first registered in didn’t allow us to vote in primary elections. So I’ve only ever voted in the presidentials, even though now I live in a state that does allow me to vote in the primaries.

1984: Ronald ‘Well…There you go again’ Reagan.

If this question was posted in the Pit (as opposed to IMHO), we probably would’ve seen Gus Hall & John Anderson’s name posted by now.

Let’s see, I voted for the opposition on the off-chance that Pierre Trudeau would not win another term.

The next time, I voted for the opposition on the off-chance that Joe Clark would not win another term.

I still don’t know what party either of them belonged to.

I have no political ideology…I don’t even know what political ideology is. It was never taught to us in school. Thank you, Canadian educational system in the '60s and '70s.

My first election was the 2000 Canadian federal election and I voted for myself.

(As you may recall, I was running for the NDP in my riding.)

I think there are probably a very limited number of people who can say that.

I first voted in the Commonwealth (federal) election held on 5 March 1983. It was about ten months after my 18th birthday.

I had a quick look at the list of election dates on the Australian Electoral Commission website. I have voted in:

  • 8 Commonwealth elections
  • 6 NSW state elections
  • 1 ACT territory election
  • 6 local government elections
    as well as several by-elections and one general election in New Zealand while I was living there. That’s roughly once year on average since I turned 18.

It will be in November 2004. I turned 18 three days ago, and already have the application for my absentee ballot filled out…

Trudeau - 1972

First time I got around to voting was '92 and I voted for MumblemumblePerotmumble :smack:

In 1996, I voted for Bob Dole!

What a difference eight years makes.