"What we must do to beat COVID-19 now and forever" by Ed Zotti

I think it’s fair to say we don’t know if or for how long herd immunity will take.

YouTube. If people can learn to bake bread and cook souffles on youtube, surely they can master the not-that-obscure art of using face masks.

That’s exactly what I would expect.

But not funny. Just goes to show that the cynics are wrong. Ed didn’t write for Cecil because Cecil was funny, even when Dave Kehr edited him, and all Chicago knows Kehr isn’t funny.

I miss Slug. He could make it funnier.

Yes. For one thing: mutation. It happens. A lot.

Long-term planning must include upgrading and expanding vaccine development and production. We need to be able to respond more quickly and in greater volume.

It may be that the market can’t solve this. It may be a government problem requiring a government solution.

Here you go, kayaker. You do not have to get rid of all the facial hair.

Congratulations to Ed Zotti on finally scoring an honest job!

I put in a good word for him to get the fry cook gig at Ziggy’s of Clark Street, but working for the Sun-Times is almost as good.

Heh. Still haven’t modified my face. Seems like a “death before dishonor” moment.

I wonder if most barbers would know what I meant if I asked for a Balbo, a Verdi, or a French Fork. It’s interesting to see the names for them.