What webcomics are most deserving of becoming actual comics?

That is, of course, assuming you think that the transition from web to print is a promotion. Hopefully it would mean, at least, tons of money. To keep this from becoming a mere poll, try to explain what you think makes this particular webcomic worthy.

I’m going to start by listing a comic I discovered through the SMDB: Casey & Andy. (Those are three separate links, by the way–to a random good strip, to the first strip, and to my favorite story arc.) Answering my own question, I’d like to see this become an actual comic because, though its eponymous author is fairly amusing on his daily updates, he’s absolutely brilliant on his extended storylines, and that’s what I read the strip for. (Well, for that and for pics of her. (Perversely that’s a three-word phrase for just one strip.)


Relative to the many I’ve seen; very, very, very few. Specifically VG Cats and Sinfest. That’s it. Definitely not what you linked to. Why would you think a badly drawn, horribly colored talking head comic deserves a legitimate run?

Anyway, even VG Cats is iffy. Despite the fact that the author wields a rare mastery over the medium of comics, one that shows that he’s more than some idiot with a few gags in his head who thinks that comics are nothing more than pictures put in chronological order, his subject matter is extremely specific. Also, it doesn’t have a consistent enough format to be able to fit in any other venue besides the web or a compilation book.

The Grim Tales from Down Below and The Power Puff Girls Doujinshi (which is currently on an Atmoic Betty story arc). Both are really fanfiction, but the art is beautiful and Bleedman has a great writing style to boot.

To be a comic, I think you need extended storylines. Too many webcomics, VG Cats included, are just gag-a-day affairs and wouldn’t translate well.

Dominic Deegan is my first choice. The stories are absolutely brilliant, the characters are believable (and extremely intelligent), and the puns are atrocious.

Gossamer Commons has potential, but it’s still a little early and the updates are irregular. Still, you ought to be reading this.

And lastly, there’s Dr. McNinja, which everyone must read. Period.

Where did that definition come from? Are you talking specifically about comic book serials? Even still, I don’t think many Richie Rich stories extened past six or seven pages, let alone arcing over several issues.

BTW, I’ll second Dr. McNinja. And I even wanted to hate it (I’m prejudiced against webcomics. They’re so many bad ones because they seem so easy to do).

I’d like to nominate Friendly Hostility, the current webcomic drawn by K. Sandra Fuhr, who’s been mentioned on this board before for her other comic that wrapped up several years ago, Boy Meets Boy. Of course, given that FH’s usual main characters are a gay couple (or at least, an each-other-sexual couple that consists of two males) with a teenage servant girl they won in a poker game, and the supporting cast includes a near-triad and a couple of demons, it’ll never see the syndicated page, much as it deserves it.

Honestly, I don’t think it’s a promotion at all. I think the webcomic medium has more life left in its little finger than the entire body of print comics currently running in the daily newspapers that float through my world.

Having said that, gee, Cat and Girl is good. And Scary Go Round is lovely - though perhaps a little incoherent for print - particularly the transitions between stories which still tend to catch me by surprise.

By ‘print’, do you mean traditional North-American-Style newspaper syndication, or books, or traditional ‘comic books’? A lot of webcomics have spawned printed book collections: MegaTokyo, User Friendly, Bob the Angry Flower, and Sluggy Freelance, for example. I am not aware of any that have made it into an ‘alternative’ weekly, let alone ‘mainstream’ newspaper syndication, but I’m not an expert in the field, and I may very well not know of it.

What I really mean is print collections. I’d pay good money for a Casey & Andy collection, and I’d be ecstatic if Andy Weir had the leisure & wherewithal to tell a good, long, ambitiou story.

Even 6-7 pages is a very long story for the gag-a-day comics.

I’m very fond of the Holy Bibble. It’s blasphemous and funny and just pretty enough to be a real comic.

The Order of the Stick has two print books, with a third forthcoming. Well-earned too, IMO.

My personal favorite: Alien Loves Predator

This week’s isn’t the best but they’ve done some hilarious stuff in the past. I’d love to see Abe and Preston in action in a real comic.

Ive been a big fan of Ctrl+Alt+Del. They have a regular story arc going, with a few random comics poking fun at the characters/current games. Thats a link to the most recent comic, btw.

In second place is PVP comics. I can’t believe neither of these had been mentioned yet!

I think that PVP already has a print comic book, and I know that CAD is going the way of online animations, and a book too? Not sure. As far as newspaper comics go, if either of these appeared, I might actually go buy a daily newspaper subscription.

Regarding if they deserve to become actual comics, the current situation is not clear.

Many of the ones mentioned have paper collections already published. Some, like Phil Foglio’s Girl Genius (really good) were a published comic and then they turned into a web comic only. (The plan now is to publish yearly collections) Making a regular 28 or so page comic turned not to be a good deal for the creator.

I do think the way comics are distributed is changing as we type.

Issue 25, I believe, came out this month.

The creator also has a strictly print comic that recently started called Truth, Justin, and the American Way.

Someone clued me into that one a few weeks ago. It’s surprisingly good. I wonder if the references to other stories would cause a problem, but I’d buy it if it was novelized or what have you.

A third for Dr. McNinja. It’s one of the few comics with a fairly funny premise that manages to still be hilarious after several stories’ worth of jokes. The scene with the ninja shamrocks in the recent storyline is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read.

Sinfest was formerly published in a norwegian magazine called Nemi.

Of the ones I’d like to see in a daily paper:
sluggy, Penny and Aggie, Schlock Mercenary, Evil Inc., Starslip Crisis and Sinfest.
The ones I’d buy collections of (most are in print already):
all the above, plus Girl Genius, Questionable content, Something Positive, TOoTS and Digger.

I like Digger and Schlock best.