What website was YOUR FIRST for finding viral videos and the like?

Long before https://www.youtube.com/ there were other pacesetters who presented videos of the “lookee here” variety.
I’m not certain which was actually first but among the first for me was Ebaum’s World which is still going strong.
There were others in the pre-YouTube era, but I’ve lost track of them.

What are some others worth investigating or just recalling as fun sites to visit in your “down time.”

This thread doesn’t have to be about just videos, but could include anything in the “early internet” period that’s nostalgic or memorable and worth sharing.

One of the first such sites I remember visiting was Mirsky’s Worst of the Web. It was a lot like Fark is today, but it pointed out ridiculous websites instead of just ridiculous news items. At that time, most web pages were personal rather than corporate, and the extra traffic that resulted from a mention on Mirsky’s was sometimes enough to bring a site down for a while.

And of course rotten dot com and the stile project, which apparently is now a porn site. Used to have all kinds of off-the-wall pics and videos.

goofball .com
newgrounds .com
These were my first introduction to the wacky world of Flash animation videos and silly interactive time wasters.

Rotten and Stile, for sure.

I remember one of the very first viral things I saw was that creepy dancing baby (“hooked on a feelin’”) But there was no way in hell anyone watched it streaming online - I’m sure my friend’s mom got it sent to her AOL account and we watched it on their computer.

If it’s a viral video, why would I need to expend any energy finding it? If it’s viral it will find ME, and I probably won’t even be able to avoid it!

College Humor

Even back in the day, people complained about Ebaumsworld ripping off other people’s content.

Do you know the sites that were ripped off then? Are any of them still around?

I want to say Consumption Junction, but that doesn’t seem old enough.

From Wikipedia:

Thanks for those details, buddha_david.