What were "Cavalry Groups" in WWII

The US Army in WWII had something called “cavalry groups”. What were they, were they like the seperate tank brigades of the British?
What was their usual order of battle?

And some seemed to bed called “armour groups”, the same?

Cavalry Groups were US mechanized cavalry regiments. Here’s a list and description of each of the cavalry groups that were assigned to the European theater:


And his website here talks about mechanized cavalry doctrine:


Armor groups are different than Cavalry groups. Armor groups are made up of armor…tanks, and their primary goal is assault and breakthrough. Cavalry groups are made up of mechanized cavalry…armored cars and antitank guns, and their primary goal is recon and infantry support.

We have a Doper, ExTank, who’s a former Armored Cavalryman. I’m sure he’d be happy to explain.

So would an Imperial Walker be armor or cavalry?

I think today the distinction in the US army is largely historical, the 1st Cavalry Division is heavy armour TOE IIRC. In WWII, I think there was a difference. The British did not have a difference, all British and Empire cavalry units converted to tanks before the war

I’m guessing that if it designed and used specifically to attack fortified and dug in enemy positions, it’s armor.

Neither. A third designation is necessary: Stomping. It’s a Stomping unit.

So it’s a Stomptrooper?

It’s not. It’s an armored transport vehicle. It’s designed to get troops to the battlefield.

I don’t recall seeing anyone jump out of those.

Because they all got blown up before they got to the Rebel base. But the canonical name for the walkers are AT-AT, all terrain armored transports.

Not sure about the AT-ATs, but the AT-STs are definitely cavalry :-).

But in the film, it’s specific task in the assault on Hoth is to break through the enemy fortifications and destroy the shield generator. At the very least, it’s a dual-purpose vehicle.