What were "one-steps" and "two-steps" (social dancing styles from ca 1900)

I’ve been starting to play Ragtime again, after having forgotten how to play virtually all of the forty-odd pieces I used to be able to play. I’m curious about the fact that many of Scott Joplin’s pieces are labeled, “…a Ragtime two-step”. What did that mean, to be a one-step or two-step? Was it the number of steps a dancer would take to each quarter note of the music? Would a two-step be faster than a one-step?

IANAD (dancer) There are fast and slow two step dances.
Cajun two step (audio sample) is quite fast, but a two step waltz is slower.
I don’t believe there was any dance called a "one step."Here is a site with a history of waltz step names.

Thanks for the links.

Re “one-steps”, I’m sure I’ve seen music labeled as a one-step.

Me too.

Cite, just to prove I’m not having a Senior Moment. :smiley:

You must come and play at one of my tango teas, Spectre! I had a friend over, a former June Taylor Dancer, and we put James Reese Europe’s “Castle Walk” on the Victrola. She was Vernon and I was Irene, and she taught me to Castle Walk up and down my parlor. Such fun!

I did use to play the ‘Castle House Rag’.

If I ever make it to NYC we’ll have to do a Dopefest. Does the Algonquin lounge have a piano?