What were the designers of this toy thinking?

The Batman water-gun. Was this for kids, or an adult novelty? I mean come on. There’s a plug in Batman’s butt, you take it out, fill it with water, pump the trigger at his groin and water shoots out of his mouth. Suggestive much? Weird much?

Have I just got a dirty mind?

That is the funniest thing I have seen in weeks. Thanks!

It’s got nothing on the Oozinator.

:eek: :eek:

Shoot, that’s nothing. There used to be (and I say that because a cursory search of Amazon no longer yields it, but it may still be out there) a battery-powered version of the “Nimbus 3000” flying broom of the Harry Potter books/films*.

A vibrating stick that you put between your legs and “rode” around on. Heh. The reviews were hilarious.

[sub]*Don’t remember the exact terminology here, but it was something like that.[/sub]

Nitpick: I believe that it was the Nimbus 2000. That’s the broom that Harry rides in the first three books, anyway.

Here’s a site with a screen shot of the Amazon page. It was a really weird toy…

Where did you find this? Ebay? I’m curious because it doesn’t look like a current toy. That doesn’t excuse it; this idea was just as stupid back in the day.

Batman with a plug up his ass? I always thought it was a stick.

Probably so, then. I did an Amazon search on “nimbus 2000” and one of the items that came up was the “Super Soaker Oozinator”. Customers tagged this product with: adult (1), bukakke (1), michael jackson (1), porn (1), semen (1), smegma (1).

I’ve no idea why…

tremorviolet, thanks for the screenshot. Evidently, Amazon did pull it down. Still funny, though, in its abbreviated form…

Hee-hee-hee! :D:D:D

Then again the fiends of merchandising tear a respectable character of all it´s dignity…

It’s over at Superdickery in the “Seduction Of The Innocent” gallery.

Thank you, Case Sensitive, I should have put a link to it in the OP. :smack:

It was late, that’s all I can say in my defense. :rolleyes:

I was crazy for the Adam West Batman when I was a kid, and I had this squirt gun, c. 1974.

It leaked.

Either way, I doubt he was prepared for it.

I’m the goddamn buttplug.

I snuck a quick peek at this review behind the library desk:

My supervisor and coworkers were giving me weird looks wondering why I suddenly seemed to find the Excel spreadsheet with the monthly reference statistics so breathtakingly funny all of a sudden.

Thank God for ALT+F4, that’s all I’ve got to say!

Here’s a special Staight Dope panel from Superdickery.

laughing so hard it peed smiley

Wouldn’t that be batplug?