What were the "Other things"?

In the spirit of the general silliness in This Thread
** Ponder Stibbons** offers the Kennedy quote:-

“We choose to go to the underpants. We choose to go to the underpants in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard …”

Every time I hear the original (pants-free) quote I wonder what the “other things” were, and did they get done?

So, what were the “Other things”?

From his speech at Rice University:

Thanks, I’d only seen the same little bit they always seem to show

(It’s a bit like the stage seperation shot of the ring falling away from the saturn 5 - a visual cliche, but seeing the whole shot uncut is bizarre "oh there’s more!)

My first thought was to count Marilyn Monroe among the “other things” JFK chose to do (i.e. he wasn’t using the imperial “we”, but was speaking of himself and RFK)

However, she belongs to another category. His reckless philandering suggests that he chose to do her, not because she was easy, but because he was hard.

Oh, yeah. Now, I understand.