What were these games I played on our Mac in 1995?

I think it was 1995 when my family got two or three Macintosh Performas. It was an integrated computer and monitor setup, with a CD-ROM drive and a 256 color display, if I recall correctly. Anyway, it had these two games on it - can’t remember if they came on the machine or if they were installed later, but I want to say they came already installed.

In one of them, there were rotating gray levers against a black background, and on each of the levers there were balls of different colors (yellow, green, blue, etc.) I think the different colors represented different speeds that the gray levers rotated at. Anyway, if I recall correctly, you had to link the rotating things at a point where the balls were the same color. Although the game was 2-D, the balls and the gray levers had a shaded look that made them seem like they had depth.

The other game was a tank combat game, and it was 3D, but the graphics were extremely simple. Red and green polygonal shapes for the tanks, a square grid (I think) for the ground, and a black sky. Your tank could fire bullets or missiles, and when the enemy was defeated he exploded into hundreds of little shards of red. You could also switch it between having the tanks be filled-in with color or just be outlines. The game was easy at the early levels but got quite hard later.

Both of these games were simple but extremely addicting. Does anyone remember what they were called?

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I don’t know what the first one was, but the second game sounds like Spectre:

Spectre had one of the coolest boxes ever. It was a cardboard version of the wedge shaped tank you drive in the game.

The second game sounds like SPECTRE. Dunno about the first one.

OK, after a little searching I figured out the first one - Spin Doctor.