What were these two ads that were on TV around 1980?

I can’t remember what the product was. But likely something high-end, like expensive booze. I think they were syndicated, as opposed to on network channels (FWIW, I saw them on Pittsburgh stations).

Soft focus. No background music IIRC.

Both ads showed a person of very high status, in a populated, suburban area, running and looking for a place to hide/make a phone call, etc. Maybe from a car breakdown?

And finally, knocking on a door, and being greeted by a pleasantly befuddled person of the opposite sex (who is the protagonist, so, the person the ad’s target audience is supposed to identify with. And I guess, have on hand the high-end product for just such occasions).

The first ad showed a woman of appearance indicating royal station. When she knocked on the door, it was opened by a polite man who greeted her, “Your Majesty!” After the voiceover gives the product pitch, the polite man delivers the punchline, “Can I hang up your crown?”

The second ad showed a young man who is apparently a pop superstar on the run from his fans - a faux Monkee, Beatle, etc. (There may have been a glimpse of a headline indicating this). When he knocks on the door, the greeter is an equally befuddled young woman. Her punchline: “You can call on me anytime!”

This is all from memory, so not completely reliable.


“Hang up your crown” would suggest Chivas Regal.