What were you in your "past life" ?

Not that we necessarily believe in such things, but belief isn’t necessary for this poll. And explanations are optional.

I was a nautical person, most likely a navigator.

And you were…?

I was a swimmer, a good, strong swimmer. Then I met my woman side.

I have an ex girlfriend who’s aunt does past life regression (or whatever it’s called). She did that to me one time and in virtually every life I’ve been in the military in some capacity, noone famous, but one time I ranked as high as a general.

One time I was an armorer with two wives and a pile of kids (both of the wives and all kids lived with me). I think that was the most recent life…other than the one I’m involved in now of course.

I’m not saying I necessarily believe in it myself (not saying I don’t mind you), just thought it was kinda neat.

A friend of mine claims she was a man in 4 former lives, but she always died tragically, so that’s why she’s a woman now. ummmm, sure, whatever.

In my past life, I was awkward, self-conscious, shy, insecure… no, wait, that was my teen years. :o

A flapper from the 1920s. :wink: The speakeasies & jazz appeal to me greatly.

I think I was royalty from some time long ago. I never quite let go of that little girl “I want to be a princess!” fantasy, and love clothes slightly reminiscent of ages past.

I’ve had a “past Llife” reading on two occasions. One guy said I was a geisha in Hiroshima during WWII. My hands were disintegrated in the bombing. Uh huh.

The second dude said I was a aristocratic deaf girl in the time of Louis XIV. I prefer to believe that I was Cleopatra or Semiramis.

a dolphin. oh, wait, that’s what i want to be in my next life:D

Well, my boyfriend believes strongly in reincarnation. He’s got me thinking about it, but I’m not sure what I believe.

Anyway, one time I was on Salvia (a LEGAL drug much like pot… but more of a headf*ck) and I saw myself dying. I was a soldier - I don’t know what war or whose side I was on - and I saw in slow motion over and over as the bullet ran into my side and I fell. So weird. My bf says that was probably a past life of mine - who knows?

i’m pretty sure i was an american soldier from sometime between the civil war to vietnam. i figured it out when i was 8 (when i first heard of reincarnation, thanks to my hindu best friend). it would really explain my aversion to war and battle.

I don’t really know, though I think it would be interesting to do a past life regression. Just for curiousities sake of course.

I was an evil man who sold used cars . . . my recurrent car troubles in this life are my reward.


I must have been an asshole boss in my last life, because I can’t think of any other explanation for the fact that nobody will so much as interview me for any kind of job (OTOH, It means I don’t have to remember any of those interview tips I was given in school).

Either that, or I was a mobster.

This would explain why I like: Guns and Mobster movies, and am a fairly good pasta cook.

I would hope not Gen. Custer.

Farmers, farmers, farmers.

Not very exciting but I bet I’m really good with a scythe. Watch out.

I’ve had 2 dreams that seem like they be could glimpses of past lives. I had the 1st dream when I was about 4 years old and I still remember it vividly (I’m 45 now). I’m being carried to a Roman or Greek temple set on a hillside in a forest on a litter by women dressed like vestal virgins. The women are chanting something that sounds like “jahn a rock”. I don’t believe I had seen any Hercules movies or Sparticus at that point in my life so I don’t know where the imagry came from. I sure as heck had never seen a picture of a vestal virgin. I woke up before we actually went into the temple. I remember the dream giving me a sense of well being.

The 2nd dream occured in 96 when I was touring England and spending the night in Carlisle. In that dream I was a Roman soldier stationed at Hadrian’s wall. I’m in a battle and having a sword fight with a Pict. The Pict and I are pretty evenly matched and I’m getting tired. The Pict starts to turn around and I think “phew, here’s my chance”. But, when he turns around I see that he has a dwarf strapped to his back, and the dwarf also has a sword. I think “what the hell???” and then woke up. And no, I hadn’t smoked anything before bed.

I have this unusual fear of fire, and I’ve always imagined that I died in a horrible fire in a past life.

a ballerina at the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg – possibly French speaking

Just a hunch…

A resident of Pompeii.