What were your early pregnancy signs?

Exhaustion and nausea. I got sick every night. And I was so tired, I could barely function. But I could eat a ton - I was always hungry too. Which I’d then throw up. Good times, I tell ya.

Vertigo! Spinning and spinning! Wheee!

It didn’t go away until I got on pre-natal vitamins. It was horrible.

I’ll take huge boobs for $1k Alex.

Well? tap tap tap

My wife got a super human sense of smell.

For example: I would open a bottle of red wine in the basement, she would be on the second floor and be able to smell it…more wine for me!

It’s comforting to see that reactions vary pretty widely. At the same time, my signs seem pretty mild compared to the rest of you, which makes sense because…

The test was negative!

It came with a second tester, so I can check things out again in a week or two if needed. My boyfriend and I had a long talk last night, and we’re going to do things a little differently from now on, and his vasectomy (that we’ve been talking about for months) is definitely going to be a higher priority now. Neither of us want to go through worrying about this again.

Now to just figure out what the hell is going on with my body.

I’m sorry your test was negative. For the first 2 months that my husband and I were trying, I thought I had all the symptoms of pregnancy, then…I got my period.

The 3rd month, I had my normal period symptoms (sore boobs, back and front cramps) and said, “Oh well, this wasn’t my month. I guess I’ll drink some wine tonight.”

For reasons I’m still not sure about, I went ahead and tested the next morning. It was positive! I was never so sure I was getting my period than that month, so even if you don’t have obvious symptoms, don’t give up hope until you test…and don’t drink any wine! :wink:

ETA: wouldn’t you like to know, the bionic nose was by far the most bizarre pregnancy symptom I had! I could tell what people were eating in a restaurant, even if they were sitting with my back turned to them and they were 20 feet away.

Oh, no, we weren’t trying to have a baby. We’re trying to avoid it. I do appreciate the sentiment (not quite the word I mean, but I’m stuck), though. Thanks :slight_smile: My boyfriend is positive he doesn’t want kids and while I have days here and there when my hormones go “baby!! yay!” and I think if it came down to it I could be a decent enough mother, it’ll never be my first choice. I’ll leave the parenting to folks that really want to do it.

I’d heard of the other signs of pregnancy (sore breasts, nausea, fatigue, etc.) but super smelling and clumsiness are new to me! I’m always clumsy, so I don’t think that’s something that’d ever tip me off.

That happened to me too, both times. Though I am not as quick on the uptake as you are – Eldest it was the next morning, Youngest the next afternoon. In both cases I looked at myself in a mirror and just, er, knew that was a pregnant woman there.

My first symptom of pregnancy, as I recall, is an insane craving for pizza with extra cheese and hamburger. Both times I was pregnant. I dislike pizza under all other conditions.

My girlfriend had supersmell powers. And it was most prominent for things she didn’t enjoy the smell of. She puked a lot.

I had the super sensitivity to some smells - couldn’t walk into a bakery without extreme sweaty shaky nausea. Also had a craving for flavoured milk. I like choc, apparently the baby wanted banana - after arguing (out loud) with myself in a service station, I managed a compromise on Strawberry. I’ve never liked flavoured milk before or since.

I’m echoing Lissla Lissar’s experience. For me, it was like I was getting my period but nothing had happened. Since I’m one to contend with irregular periods, I was just impatient for it to happen. When I thought, maybe I’m ???, I used one of the pregnancy tests I’d kept stored in the bathroom cupboard. To my surprise, it said positive. I’m pretty sure I found out at 3 1/2 weeks. First ultrasound at 5 weeks was still too early (just showed the egg sac).

Afterwards, I had sore breasts, and was slightly emotional (there was one specific emotional outburst that had me perplexed as to why I was so shitty). I’ve been blessed with no morning sickness whatsoever and haven’t had any weird cravings either.

Irritability and overwhelming, soul-crushing exhaustion. Also, my breasts weren’t so much tender as they were suddenly present, if that makes sense. With the first, I had some morning sickness but there was none with #2.

Has anyone experienced really bad itching all over your body??

I didn’t have that early in pregnancy, but starting about 7 months in with my son. It was excruciatingly terrible in a way that people who have never had it will never understand. I was scratching myself bloody - on purpose - and dabbing iced salt water in the wounds because the burning of the salt and the freezing of the ice were a pleasant relief after the irritation of the itching. And it lasted until the day I delivered.

My OB was no help. He had never even heard of the condition, who’s name I forget right now, but it’s actually one of the more common “rare” pregnancy related conditions.

If you have this, my condolences. I’ve never found any remedy in any of the pregnancy books. If it was to happen to me today, I’d try taking copious amounts of freeze-dried stinging nettles internally. They have a natural anti-histamine that’s safe for use during pregnancy. (Insert standard medical/herbal advice disclaimer here.)

Sounds like you might be referring to Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy, sometimes also known as “PUPPP” or “PUPPs”.

Jayzuz! That sounds just awful! Like there’s not already enough discomfort toward the end…

Yep! That’s it! Horrible and ultimately harmless, so the bastards with the grant money aren’t even trying to figure out how to cure or prevent it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dandelion root? Huh, I have NO idea why that would work, said the herbalist. Still, if it works it works, and it’s generally safe during pregnancy, so why not?

Smells made me sick- especially coffee. Once, my husband came in to wake me and had coffee on his breath and I almost got sick in the bed. This was my second preganancy so I knew right there- “I’m pregnant!”.

I’m so glad things worked the way you hoped!

With my son I felt weird. I had strange nervous reactions to nothing. The heart pounded and I got clamy for no reason.

It felt like I was going to go on a super sonic jet ride with no jet. I was kind of gidy but no reason for it.

I craved pickles. My god the pickles I ate and the pickle juice I drank. uhhhh I had cravings for weird stuff and morning sickness that should have kept me from ever having a second kid.
My daughter I felt nothing. I took the test and I was pregnant. I did not have morning sickness but I disliked all food. Nothing tasted right and kept me from gaining the weight I should have. Food had no appeal to me at all.

I remember a blueberry topped cheesecake sitting in the fridge I could not even touch.

Her birthday is tomorrow and she wants cheesecake for her b-day cake.

The old saying “what goes around comes around” comes to mind.

I just “knew.” I remember sitting in El Torito with the ex-Mr. Lucky just after my birthday and feeling really paranoid, and refusing to have a margarita because I just “knew”. Finally he said, “Look, if it makes you feel better, we’ll just buy a pregnancy test on the way home.” We did, and it was positive. He gave me a high five when I told him.

The nausea started a few days afterward and did not let up until halfway through the fourth month. Fun times, I tell ya.