How Did You Know You Were Pregnant?

I am especially interested in those who had little or no symptoms early on.

I myself have been quite sluggish and bloated for the past week or so. More alarmingly, my boobs hurt like they’ve never hurt before and it only seems to be getting worse. I actually told my fiancee they were broken and not to touch them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m due for my period any day now, so I’m not technically late yet and all three pregnancy tests I’ve taken have shown up negative. I also haven’t had a bit of nausea, one of the more “classic” pregnancy symptoms. I’m calling my gyno tomorrow for an appointment so we can figure this whole thing out. If I’m not preggers, I’ll actually be more concerned because of the whole broken boobs thing.

My first symptom was horrific breast pain. And tastes and smells were different.
There was always a period in very early pregnancy with no nausea. The nausea started for me at around 6 weeks, lasting until the first trimester was over.

How long before the pregnancy tests turned up positive?

I have always slept on my side. Before I knew I was pregnant, I started sleeping on my front … kinda weird.

But I really had no idea I was pregnant until I did a pregnancy test - mainly because I was off the pill, and I was going to my birthday party that weekend and wanted to make sure I was okay to drink.

I drank water & cranberry juice for my b/day. :slight_smile:

When the doctor told me the result of the test.

I had no idea. As I’d just had surgery a couple of weeks previously, I put down the absence of my period and the suddenly acquired uncharacteristic capacity to fall asleep at any time of day as well as night to post-op effects. I mentioned all this to the doctor as an afterthought, and she said, do you want to wait another week, see if your period arrives, or shall we do a pregnancy test now?
Turns out I’d had the surgery (total anaesthetic, post-op antibiotics etc.) when I was a few days pregnant. Oops! Luckily there were no ill effects.

With my last pregnancy, I knew 2 full weeks before my period was even due! I really don’t think, out of 4 pregnancies, that I ever really needed a test. I just knew. I’m very sensitive to subtle changes in my body, and also I was a smoker and when you start gagging on every draw of a cigarette, you know something’s up.

I believe that at least one home pregnancy test can detect HCG even before your period is due. If you take that one and it’s negative, I’d say there’s a good chance that you’re not pregnant, but by no means 100% chance.

I’ve done two of the Clear Blue Easy Digital Tests and one store brand test. All negative so far.

I’m totally out of touch with my body. Missed periods were my only clues.

And you know how the baby “drops” some days or weeks before delivery? I didn’t feel that.

If it wasn’t for getting a tummy, a slight backache, peeing all the time, and feeling the babies’ movements, I didn’t feel any different pregnant than not pregnant (four times).

Insensitive, definitely.

For those who noticed a difference in the taste of foods, did everything seem to taste different, or just certain things? I noticed today that Devil Dogs - my favorite junky snack food - tastes really odd. Everything else seems to taste pretty much the same.

Well, this last time around, I should’ve taken the clue when I looked at my fertility chart (which I keep for avoiding pregnancy usually) and thought, “Oh, isn’t that funny, the way my temperature bumped up a second time after the initial post-ovulatory surge looks just like the “classic” triphasic pregancy chart.”


…looks over at sleeping, drooling, 2 1/2 mos old outcome…

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(my main early pregnancy symptom is extreme fatigue. Nausea does not usually kick in until 6 weeks or so for me)

I craved Drumsticks. You know, those ice cream cones with the chocolate at the bottom and the nuts on the top?

It was uncontrollable.

Then I’ve been pregnant since I was a wee lass.
I never had the barfing or nausea. Boobs hurt like a mofo.

For me it was exhaustion, my feet hurt like nobody’s business and my sinuses were stopped up from the moment of conception ( probably) until the day after I delivered. With both pregnancies.

I had terrible morning sickness with my pregnancies- started at day 7 and lasted through week 20. So my first inkling that I was pregnant was feeling simultaneously sick to my stomach and hungry. I “knew” I was pregnant the second I felt that way. The first time with my first baby it occured about 7-10 days after I concieved (by guess, it wasn’t planned) when I smelled a beer.

The two main things I remember are my boobs hurting like hell and being very sleepy. I didn’t really have any nausea problems, except for one time when I was pregnant with my 1st and my biology teacher announced it was Frog Dissecting Time. Blech. Ended up with a D in that class.

Keep us posted!

Coffee. I couldn’t stand the smell or taste of coffee. That’s how I knew I pregnant the second time- my husband kissed me good morning and I almost lost it on the coffee smell on his breath.

Oh, drugstore preg tests can come back positive very early- within 1-2 weeks of conception, but a neg result isn’t reliable until later- you might just not be making a lot of the hormone yet.

The smell of bacon was stomach-churning. For my best friend, it was the sight of raw hamburger.

Have you taken any/all of the tests first thing in the morning? Maybe when you call the doctor, you can ask that he/she order a blood test at a lab without you having to go in.

I just “knew” I was pregnant almost immediately, I kid you not. It’s like right after having done the naughty I thought “hmm, that one’s gonna take”.

Painful breasts and a kind of tiny undulating feeling in my abdomen were my first clues. I researched pg tests online to find the one that registered the smallest amount of hormone and did the test days before my period was due.

I just knew.

RSSchen, I know what you mean. I know it sounds crazy, but I pretty much rolled over, started to doze, and then was wide awake and thinking “Uh-oh.” I can’t explain it other than that I felt this tiny, tiny *shift * in my body.

When I told my daughter’s father I was pregnant, he wasn’t terribly surprised since I’d completely and inexplicably stopped drinking and smoking, developed a nearly uncontrollable craving for onion rings, and a powerful aversion to the smell of the bakery across the street.

I got a positive test three days before my period was due, but I pretty much suspected it for about three days before that - my major symptom was sore breasts. They HURT like a mofo, and my nipples felt like they were on fire. I also had a slight bit of heartburn, and this weird underlying nausea - I wasn’t very nauseous at all, but I could feel it simmering underneath (and it may have been related to the heartburn) - but I ended up having very little morning sickness. I did have cravings, too - I basically MADE ElzaHub take me to Bob Evans for biscuits and honey.

Oh, and cramps - but not like regular period cramps. These were LOW in my back and they were so painful, I was freaked. I continued to have those through much of my first trimester, though.


I’ve got two words for you: Knockers Nuclear.