When did you first suspect you (or your partner) where pregnant?

I married a wonderful man back in May. (Pictures soon, I swear :slight_smile: ) We have been talking about starting a family in a couple of years. I’m just curious about when someone realizes they’re pregnant. Did bouts of nausea clue you in? A missed period?

Thanks guys!

No personal experience, but my mother claims she always knew right away. No outside signs or anything, she says she just knew.

  1. Period lighter than usual, week later realized it never really “appeared” and I was very tired.
  2. Period lighter than usual, day later peed on a stick.
  3. and 4) see 2.

In hindsight, think there may have been one earlier pregnancy, 3-4 years earlier, where 1a occurred but was followed, 3 weeks later, by period much heavier than usual.

Never “just knew”. Though with 2-4 we were using ovulation predictor kits so had a fair idea that it was a possibility.

Period was a few days late (nothing new). Decided to do a test because I wanted to party for my b/day. Was glad I took the test. Did not party for my b/day - used the old “I’m on medication” excuse. :slight_smile:

A friend of mine said she knew she was pregnant (after her first child) because the scent of alcohol on anyone’s breath made her violently ill. And she swears she could smell it across the yard.

I was extremely tired (waves of fatigue would hit me), and extremely sore breasts. And was extremely emotional (though didn’t recognize it at the time), hubby was just like??? Then the late period. Haven’t much nausea at all with this pregnancy.

I think I had a prior pregnancy that didn’t “take” (never got a positive test result but period was late among other things). The main symptom with that one was extreme nausea.

They say every pregnancy is different, and every woman is different.

Ditto. Even before the missed period. All I wanted to was sleep, but I couldn’t sleep on my stomach - boobies were too sore. I was thinking, “WTF?” and then it hit me.

Really sore boobs and some fatigue before I tested. Oh, and a really weird increased sense of smell - ElzaHub got into the shower one morning, which is across the hall and down from our bedroom - and when he got out, I could smell the water all the way in bed. That kind of clued me in that something was really weird.


When she woke me up and said “I’m pregnant”

I responded “oh, ok” and went back to sleep. This may have been a mistake.

Knockers Nuclear.

Felt PMS-like mood swings two weeks before period was due.

Massive fatigue, which started about 5 days after The Sex That Led To The Twins (I know, actual fertilization and implatation could’ve been up to 72 hrs after TSTLTTT). It was about a week later that I took the pregnancy test; I figured I was either pregnant or had some terrible disease. I was only a few days late on my period.

:smiley: :smiley: Thanks Kalhoun, that made me laugh out loud.

I’m getting a little freaked out. My period isn’t due for two more weeks but I have been very tired. Maybe I’m just borrowing trouble. . .

Mostly just sore boobs. They ached almost constantly and I couldn’t take a step without them hurting. And I felt full all the time. Not nauseated, but like I had just gorged myself on really fatty food.

In both cases I knew when it happened. Well, okay, not during. But shortly after having sex I was unwaveringly certain that I was pregnant.

But I didn’t actually put any credit in that knowlege either time until I took the test a while later. I have believed all kinds of weird shit in my life and certainty isn’t an index of anything.

If you thinkyou might be, make like Rikki Tikki Tavi and run and find out for heaven’s sake.

For me it was the unique feeling of feeling both totally nauseated and hungry at the same time. Happened right around the time of the first missed period.

About two seconds after it happened.

We had been trying for over two years with no result. But that time, I just knew. I rolled off of her and said “Oh, you so just got pregnant”. She didn’t believe me, but a month later the stick agreed with me. :slight_smile:

:eek: I’m impressed. I hope you both had a good time. :wink:

But Hal, her response was not, “Bah!” but “Baa.” :smiley: :smiley:

I think this just happened to me, too! Except I did get a positive test result on an at-home test, which I took 2 days after my period was due. Got my period 2 days after that, went to see the doc, and my PG test there was negative. The doc said either it was one of those very early miscarriages, or a false positive on the test. The reason I bring it up is because I KNOW I was pregnant, no matter what the doc said. I have been pregnant twice before (one miscarriage, one successful), and although it is hard to describe the feeling, I just felt different. I know my breasts felt unusually tender, and I had these weird lower-abdomen cramps that weren’t period cramps…more like I was gassy, which I had both times before. I didn’t get nauseated this time, though, as this didn’t start for me until about the 8th week.