What whacked out timeline are these guys using?


“The familiar red phone box was created in 1936 by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, 52 years after the introduction of phone booths and eight years after the invention of the telephone.”

You don’t get much more pointless than a post like this.

Aglarond - it’s quite obvious. Don’t you know anything about history? Of course the booth was invented first, and, since necessity is the mother of invention, they then had to find something to put IN the booth that would make people want to go inside them. Why else would Bell bother inventing the phone when the telegraph was doing so well?

So of course the phone booths were around 44 years before the phones. We just don’t hear much about it, because they didn’t soar in popularity until they started putting phones in the booths.

No, I think the thing is that it’s actually the blue call box (Tardis) and it went back through time to be invented before the telephone.

Oh yeah, like time travel’s possible. :rolleyes:

I’m telling you it’s nearly the same thing as television. Did you know the television was invented before radio, but wasn’t as popular cuz they had ni idea what to do with it? Then one day, Morty Salferhabenstien (one of the unsung heroes of the past century) was listening to an episiode of Little Orphan Annie on the radio and thought to himself, “Wow, these shows would be so much better if I could SEE them!”

The rest is history.

You think we should take this to Great Debates? :wink:
[sup]Now I wait until a mod steps in and tells me that this site is to STOP ignorance, not spread it.[/sup]

I think that the 44 years when the booths didn’t have phones in them, they were used primarily by superheroes as changing rooms.


[foghorn leghorn voice]It’s a joke, son, I say, it’s a joke![/foghorn leghorn voice]

If ya don’t know what the Tardis is, ask yer nearest Dr. Who fan. :smiley:

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Yes, I realized that, I was just joking too. I hope you don’t really believe that I think the booths came before the phones.

Aglarond, haven’t you heard of the well known physics postulate: the string theory?

In short, it states that if you don’t stop trying to eridicate other people’s blatant ignorance, there’s a good chance they’ll flog you to death with string.

Nah, I figured you were just joshin’ me.

I heard an anecdote that Alexander Graham Bell thought his new invention would be a surperb way to alert someone that a telegram was about to come.

I forget where I heard this, but it turns out about 60% of recently graduated high school students when asked, said that the first word sopken on the telephone was, “Hello?”

As if Bell invents the phone and it suddenly rings. He has one phone, Watson has the other - he KNOWS who’s on the other end!

You know the first words spoken over the radio?
“Hey top of the morning to ya, it’s a quarter past the hour! This is Mad Man Marconi bringing you the jams and we’ve got a Bach Block just around the corner. But first, let’s see who has the answer to today’s trivia question. And the first caller is – Alexander Graham Bell!”

BTW - if anyone can think of who the comedian was who does that bit I posted above, I’d love to know the guy’s name. I laughed my ass off when I first heard him do this. (Hearing it done is much better than reading a paraphrased version)

I thought it was someone trying to get him to change his long distance carrier....
Was it Calvin who asked his dad why old TV was black and white and was told that color was new to the world and just started in 1960?