What? Why? Huh?

Where does the OP state that this grammar question has anything to do with homework?

Even if it was a homework question it spawned productive grammar discussion I don’t know why all homework questions are verboten

See another recent thread by Reza.

The reasoning was stupid then and it’s stupid now.

Yes, I read that thread. I read in that thread where he mentioned the homework aspect. So from this point on it’s assumed he is asking about a homework/tutoring problem?

ETA: this was a reply to Marley…

Stop asking about kayaks, already.

So Reza is forbidden from asking any grammar questions here regardless of intent?

When he starts threads that look like they’re homework or tutoring-related, yes.

Looking over the questions right now in GQ, maybe one in four could conceivably be construed as homework related. Just sayin.

And his question led to some awfully interesting discussion.

But, so be it, I guess.

I don’t think we’ve ever closed a thread just because it could be homework. We’ve closed threads that were directly identified by the OP as homework or where it was obvious the OP wanted homework answers. Reza’s case is pretty much the same since he’s started a lot of threads like this and acknowledged what he’s doing.

I’d rather we not let it be. I have questions about the role of prepositions in terminal positions now because when you think about it, that second to seems completely unnecessary. So why is it there? But I don’t really want to start a whole new thread to discuss it when that thread there is a perfect place to have that discussion.

Oh, ok. Sorta prior restraint. Gotcha.

ETA: Excuse the obviously sour attitude, Marley. Nothing personal.

What? How dare you be reasonable! WhyIoughta…

The “no homework” rule is retarded. All it does is punish honesty.

There are a thousand ways to word a homework question so it doesn’t look like you’re getting help with homework. The rule basically instructs, “Make sure that you are deceptive about the real reasons for the help you need, and we’ll happily leave your homework question open for all and sundry to provide assistance.”

I think it weeds out people who aren’t going to contribute to the board. Newbies coming for nothing except homework help generally aren’t going to read the rules and will freely admit their purpose. I’m fine with telling them no. If someone has been on the board long enough to know the rules and is smart enough to not admit it, they’ll probably be a contributor in other ways.

I asked this twice in the other thread about Reza and got no reply so I dont anticipate any more luck here but I’ll try:

Why does the board administration take an interest in the morality, or ethics, or whatever it is, about “homework questions” specifically?

It would be ok for someone having an affair to create a thread to discuss their feelings about it or even to ask for tips about how to keep it concealed from their spouse. It would be ok to ask how to legally get out of jury duty or legally avoid taxes. It would be ok to discuss telling a lie to a friend to protect their feelings. Even if these were the only posts they ever made to the boards. Right?

All of these things could be considered unethical or immoral at their heart, but this is a discussion board not an ethics committee. In almost all cases as long as a subject doesn’t break the law or encourage others to break the law, TPTB have a totally hands off approach to subject matter and they don’t usually step in as moral judges. So why the stance against homework questions specifically?

Agreed. Especially with the other homework threads that get a pass.

That’s not true. There was a recent thread that the OP clearly said was homework right up front. That one got a pass for reasons that certainly weren’t clear to me. There was another recent one where the OP said it wasn’t “required homework”- extra credit, maybe? Nothing happened their either.

I suspect that the idea is to prevent the site from becoming a yahoo answers “how is babby made?” type cesspool. What I don’t understand is why it needs to be a rule rather than something we as a community can handle. I think rule or no, threads asking for 1000 words on the role of nationalism in 1930s Germany would not see very many useful answers.

And if it’s going to be enforced it should be equally.

Personally, I think it’s wrong to be judging what people do with the information they get from here. The threads will live or die on their merits, and that’s really all that should count, with few exceptions. For example, I think the board is better now that medical questions are allowed. Maybe it’s time to rethink this rule too, or better clarify what’s allowed and what’s not, since it’s clearly not as simple as “no homework help”.

And nobody commented on the thread title and main question:

That would be “Is there any difference”,** Reza**. Or possibly “Are there any differences”, but the first sounds better.

Yes, you do need help with your homework. Lots of it, apparently.