what wierd name will they come up with next??

Is that implying that after this post you go back to being racist :wink:

Four of the suggested names begin with Mc. Why do we find that funny?

Anyway, what about Hootie McBoob, or Dick Gozinia?

Brad McRad - all round athletic good guy with successful life

Blim Rickets, esq.

One time, the boys (and robots) at MST3K suggested Big McLargeHuge. I like it.

I really should really try to clear this up now, since this thread has been ressurected. ajlilhammer225 is, in fact, my daughter. She apparently posted without realizing she was logged in as me.

She can spell and use punctuation, but for some reason feels that it’s “way cooler” not to. All of you writers out there should feel free to dissuade her…


I dissuade thee!

Use proper spelling (of real words) and correct punctuation. Intelligence is way cooler than mindless pop trends.

And I’m not even someone whose not a writer but plays one on TV.

Jedidiah Ding-dong.

(italics mine)
hee hee. Guadere strikes again. The funny thing is that I’m fairly sure I misspelled Guadere. Oh well.

How about Shifty McPlop?

More weird names than one can shake a dipstick at: Cartalk Credits.

This site should give you plenty of real-life suggestions.

Incidentally, I altered your thread title a bit. Handy spelling mnemonic: “The first word in weird is we.”

Professor P. Dicky Yip

Priscilla Celery

Natalie Klad

Hanover Fist

B.J. Belcher

Acknowledged. My bad.

See, ajlilhammer225: all the more reason to use correct grammar on message boards. I didn’t, and now I look like a buffoon.

I went to school with a girl named Velvet Beavers, but my all time favorited made-up name is one my friend Mike and I came up with one bored night:
Emmitt Von Heffergusonbergsteinmeyer

Crunchy Frog reminded me of a couple “von” names I came up with:

Otto von Snartzenfartzer
Baron von Birkenstock

Where I come from there was a girl named…
Jackie Crapper
in fact the whole family were Crappers.

Don’t forget his wife Incontinentia Buttocks!

My wife’s favorite made up name: Zarquonimus Crump

Sister-in-law’s favorite: Baron von Nurenbricken

Two from The Man With Two Brains: Michael Hfuhruhurr and Anne Uumellmahaye.

Another weird (but real) name: Tarquin Fintimlinbinwhinbimlin Bus Stop-F’Tang-F’Tang-Ole-Biscuit-Barrel (from an old Monty Python skit)

And one off the top of my head: Mortimer Frunk

No punctuation marks were harmed in the writing of this post.

That site’s hilarious! Thanks for giving me more things to amuse myself with! :slight_smile:


At times like this, I always fondly remember my old Italian girlfriend, Vendetta Mostaccioli…

Fisty McLovearm