what wierd name will they come up with next??

hey guys… what kind of wierd names can u come up with? maybe u could help writers like me come up with names???

Shitface McGinty.

Saxon Goldthwaite … what kinda names are we looking for? good guys? bad guys? And what genre? Western? Fantasy?

“Sheldon Hackett and the Bitkickers”
My imaginary synthopop band when I was in electronics school.

Rod O’Steele

Dick Longly

Dirk Mighty

Stitches McGee

Filthy McSchlomo.

Broken-Nose McSween … a sold-out boxer that “collects” for a loan shark

if u r a writer, then y can’t u spell or punctuate?

Once heard of a little girl named DaFinest. Honest!

[not racist]
I would look at inner city black children for interesting names.
[/not racist]

To answer Ruby, I don’t use puncutation on message boards.
thank you

Kimberly Spaff

[Monty Python]

Bigus Dickus

[Monty Python]

How can you be a writer but not understand or respect the basic function of grammar and punctuation (i.e. to communicate in an understandable manner)? It’s not as if punctuation is in there just for kicks; it actually helps you get your point across.

So what are “.” and “,”, chopped liver? And are you answering for hammerbach?

sum peple dont use pucutation [sic] n e wher i ges

Great Og, it’s hard to write like that! What’s wrong with the way the language has been used for all these centuries???

Sanford Beardman, Lisa Carr , Al Timider(test pilot), Rob D. Bank. Annita Dick…ect…ect…ect