What WILL God Do?

…when men start usurping god-like powers? For example, suppose scientists find a way to synthesize living organisms…and find a way to extend human lifespans indefinitely? Suppose further, that hunger, disease, poverty are banished from human existance…what then? God seems to be taking human progress in stride-we haven’t had real prophets since about 200 BC. Jesus gave his message about 2000 years ago…and there hasn’t been much in the way of direct revelation since then.
So what’s your take on this? Will the almighty complement his children, or shower us with thunderbolts for our impertinence? :rolleyes:

Probably just continue not existing.

I think He will pack up and find another line of work. :slight_smile:


I reject practically every one of your premises. You’ve not defined God, and thus have equivocated between Godly and god-like. You’ve presumed that indefinite lifespan is a when rather than an if. You’ve declared that it is god-like to banish hunger, poverty, etc., despite that Jesus said the poor will be with us always. You’ve made assertions about real prophets without specifying whether real ones are the ones we put sugar on. Besides, science has the ability to feed every person in the world but hasn’t, so clearly what scientists know how to do has very little bearing on the Godliness of man. It is already known what God does for individuals who are like him. The question with respect to mankind as a whole makes no sense. God does not invite societies to be with Him, but individuals.

What did He do when man was impertinent enough to grow crops and tend livestock, instead of hunting and gathering food where He had placed it? How about building structures instead of using natural God-built shelters, and saving lives via medicine?

Maybe he’s saving up His anger from all the way back then! We are FUCKED.
And that’s this Sunday’s sermon from Reverend Tim. Be generous at the collection plate, and don’t forget to tip your waitress.

I think followers of the prophet Mohammad would disagree with you there.


Unless we actually start creating universes (not to mention cultivate omnipotence and omniscience) I don’t think we’re much of a competition.

The OP has an overinflated view of humanity’s achievements. We haven’t even left our solar system yet!

Well…no human has left yet but Voyager I has left the solar system.

But I am just being a nitpicky pain and agree with you. I think we have a LONG way to go before we advanced enough that God might feel we are able to intrude on his (or her if you prefer) domain.

Not to mention followers of Joseph Smith and people who study a Course in Miricles, to name a couple of more,…although there are others.

Abandon this experiment and go make another universe? After all, it’s only a weeks work.

I believe it was David Hume in his discussion of the “pocketwatch on the beach” argument who suggested that this world might be just a half-assed (I don’t think Hume put it quite that way) practice session of an apprentice God.

Maybe He’ll go to back to school and get his degree.

Well, we have built buildings much taller than the Tower of Babel, and he hasn’t done squat. Either he doesn’t exist, he’s on vacation, or he’s in a coma in a hospital in New Jersey.

This made me think of a joke I recently heard that goes along with the point that, I believe, Alessan was making.

I’m going to wander back to MPSIMS now…I feel a bit overwhelmed in GD.


Huh, God needs to catch up with us. That underachiever hasn’t even left the realm of the fictitious yet.

ralph, we aren’t threatening God’s territory yet. If you are a believer, then think of whatever we learn that is true and workable as a “gift.”



Have some alternatives:

  • Ra, the Sun God, is resting (please leave a message after the tone)

  • after men explore the Universe(s), they realise God doesn’t exist

  • religious fundamentalists, having forbidden the teaching of evolution, forbid the use of science

  • aliens reveal God was just a joke that got out of hand

Or still others:

  • Christ, the Son of God, returns (please form two lines)

  • after men realize they can’t explore squat more than a lightyear away, they give up

  • ignorant scientists, having lost all concern over ethics, forbid the worship of God

  • aliens reveal God has given them substantially the same revelation He has given us

He will fall to his death somewhere in the Atlantic. A disgraced oil tanker captain will be drafted to tow the Corpus Dei to the Artic where his body will be frozen until sold to the American Babtist Confederation where it will be the center peice of Celestial City, an theme park.

At least according to James Morrow, that is.