What will heaven be like?

Sometimes I truly envy people who belive in a wonderful afterlife called heaven.

I don’t think there has ever been a definition of such a place that made me want to go there, but I appreciate the theory of such a place existing.

Playing the game…

Heaven to me would be a 2 second realization of what life on earth was all about, and a chance to undo mistakes. Might be nice to connect with old friends, but they never called that much while they were on earth, so, eh…where is the buffet and pool?

Somewhere along the line, I´d start visiting all the wonderful people I´ve never met, but who have given me great joy.

I´d drop by Vermeer´s little corner of heaven to watch him paint a Delft street scene (commissioned by God, probably). Then I´d have to catch Michelangelo sculpting something beyond gorgeous. Next, over to Mozart´s place where I could sit unobtrusively in a corner and listen while he creates his “Piano Concerto No. Infinity plus 2”,

Later, I´d give you a yell, we´d pick up a six pack and drop in on Benny Goodman´s orchestra playing Sing Sing Sing at Carnegie Hall. (Krupa will be on a break, so you´ll have to fill in on the drums. I´ll handle the piano solo. :cool:

After that over to Scott Joplin´s house. There´ll be a two piano setup in the music room, where he and I will play his Rags for a millenia or two. Or three.

Kind of heavenly, ain´t it.

For me, a millennium or two of Joplin would be hell. Dear God, how can you desribe such a horrifying situation?