What will people of the future think of the current media?

Well, that other thread about the lines that are outdated now got me to thinking. What will people of the future think of our current media- movies, TV shows, books, music, anything you can think of. In twenty or thirty years…or if you want to stretch it, even a hundred years? I know, we can’t really know, but it’s sort of fun to think about it. And in a few decades, we can pull up this thread and see how right, or wrong, we were.

For example, people try to be really PC now- and while we might slam an old movie for using racial stereotypes, will anyone be able to do that in the future? I suppose people could sit around and criticize “Friends” for not using enough minorities- and then say stuff like “Wow, so that’s what Lisa Kudrow was doing before she went on that killing spree” or “Man, I can’t believe David Swchimmer was on this show before doing that Nobel winning work with the bonobos of Uganda.” Alright, so that’s speculation, but bear with me…:wink:

Also, will people try to catch reruns of the shows we like nowadays? With shows like “The Simpsons,” I think so. It’ll probably get a cult following, if not more. I like to think people will watch “The Simpsons” and learn a little something about the past. Hey it’s chock full of random referneces to everything. But will people who didn’t watch “South Park” in its heydey try to catch its reruns? That one’s hard to say. I personally think that the future people will, from observing the rash of reality series, seriously start to question our sanity…:slight_smile:

Okay, well…uh, discuss.

They’ll probably view it the same way we view TV shows and movies from 1960 and earlier. The good stuff will be remembered fondly, the bad stuff will be ridiculed and/or forgotten.

A good story, with straightforward themes of love, comedy, revenge etc. is pretty timeless. Political satires like Murphy Brown will be of interest to historians only, while the lower-middle-class family tribulations of Roseanne will find an audience as long as trailer-trash continues to breed. As the generation who fought in Viet Nam die off, an anti-war show like MASH* will probably seem quaint, but All in the Family will live on becuase it’s notable for being first on so many levels.

The Simpsons, of course, will live forever.