What will Republicans come up with next (to run for president)?

Talkin’ just the last 6 decades or so: from “Ike” (with whom - and although I wasn’t around when he was president - I’d always had the impression that he was a “straight-up” guy - you know: former Army general, honest, so on and so forth - but according to professor and author Carol Anderson in her book “White Rage” President Eisenhower "sympathized with the white South [with respect to Jim Crow]) to Nixon ('nuff said) to Ronny “Ray-gun” to H.W. to his (idiot) son “Dubya” and now THIS guy. Just wondering if anybody else has put any thought into the idea of “What will Republicans come up with next (in terms of who will run for president)?” I honestly hoped after “Dubya” spent his horrendous 8 years in the W.H. that we would NEVER see anyone as ignorant, incompetent, and unbecoming as him in that building, again, and 8 years after he left, the Republicans somehow managed to come up with somebody even worse than he was! I’m not quite sure how “The Party of Lincoln” managed to do that, but it did! So what’s next from that wretched political party? A bi-polar shark? A porcupine with a mean streak? A rabid Rottweiler? I mean, to me the trend over the last 60-odd years with that political party, at LEAST in terms of coming up with people who are actually suited to serve in the highest office in the land, is NOT a good one. NOT AT ALL! Any guesses?

Someone like Ben Sasse, senator from Nebraska - who is the uber-Constitutional type of conservative; like someone you’d expect to be giving lectures on the Federalist Society;

Or someone like Tom Cotton - someone who espouses much of Trumpism, but in a more professional way.

If CPAC is any indication, it seems nearly impossible to underestimate how integral liberal exploding heads is to the platform, which means names such as the following aren’t out of the realm:

Candace Owens
Diamond & Silk
Lynne Patton
Stacey Dash
Deneen Borelli

The Rock

(no, not Dwayne Johnson)

I’m figuring we’re do for a religious zealot.

I was thinking maybe Kenneth Copeland. He’s got the right views on Science (he’s agin it). And on wealth distribution (god loves those who give money to Kenneth Copeland). But he may not be bigoted enough.

Ideally he should believe in dominion theology.

I think OP exaggerates the badness of 20th-century Republican Presidents.

Yes, Eisenhower was probably a racist but the same charge could be made against the Democratic Presidents of that era. And remember that Ike did send 1,000 U.S. Army paratroopers from the 101st Airborne Division to enforce integration of a Little Rock school.

Ford and Dole were fine men, and Romney, McCain and G.H.W. Bush weren’t so bad. Even Nixon the Crook was a breath of sunshine compared with 21st century Republican Presidents.

I have no answer to OP however. I keep hoping that Romney, joined perhaps by what’s left of the Bush family will start a “Republicans for Sanity” movement. That doesn’t seem to be happening however, so I say “D*** all these criminals to H***!”