What will the UK do wrt Brexit?

The Kirkella spends most of its time in the Barents Sea controlled by Norway. The UK has access to this fishing ground by a quota agreement between Norway and the EU.

No EU, no quota. Unless the UK negotiates a deal directly with Norway.

A government spokesperson said: “As an independent coastal state the UK has put in place new arrangements to further influence the management of near and distant fish stocks, to best serve the interests of the British fishing industry.

“Negotiations for fishing opportunities in 2021 will be concluded as soon as possible.”

I guess this is on the Brexit teams ‘To Do’ list.

Just to add a bit of personal anecdote, customs officers in New Zealand inspected the bottoms of my boots for illicit dirt, when I flew in from the U.S. So did the Aussies. Their strictness over biocontrols is about protecting unique island habitats; they weren’t attempting to bolster up their dirt industries.

Another couple complicated principles that amateurs don’t really seem to understand:

In a negotiation with a more-or-less equal, you don’t get 100% of what you want while giving the counterparty zero % of what they want. Darth Vader can pull that shit (at least in the first reel) but even he gets hammered before the credits roll.

How bad you want it is not related in any way to your actual bargaining power to get it.

Especially because it never was about “sovereignty” or “taking back control”. It was about dodging taxes.
You might notice that that part is the only thing about Brexit that actually works. The likes of Rees-Mogg still can’t believe that they are getting away with it.

I’m not disputing your claim. But it’s a bit telegraphic for an ignorant Yank to follow.

May I ask which taxes are being dodged by who via what means? What’s specifically different pre- vs. post-Brexit?

And he thinks the fish are happy.

So that’s all right.

There are some EU tax rules, forbidding routing income through tax havens. Leading figures in the “leave” movement stood to gain a fortune. That is the motivation of one part of the leave movement the other driver was Russia that stood to weaken the EU. The people that voted for Brexit were spun a web of transparent lies. Last I checked every bullshit “argument” of the Leave movement has been debunked over and over. The people that are now running the British government do not give a shit about the rubes that voted for them. Hence the total lack of preparation and utter chaos at the borders. (Haulage firms are avoiding the Channel like the plague; volume is at one fifth of pre-Brexit and they still have to wait ridiculously long)

Thank you. The nexus of fat cats, politicians, and tax havens can fill volumes. Funny how little came of the

Want to understand the terrifying philosophical background to Rees-Mogg’s and the Brexiters’ politics?

The Sovereign Individual details strategies necessary for adapting financially to the next phase of Western civilization”.

Short version:

The nimble elite will run happily roughshod across the heads and shoulders of the teeming masses of useless loser humanity. And rightly so. It’s good to be one of that elite. Mind your balance; they’re a wobbly surface to run on.

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