What will they think of next?

Okay new invention:
The Java Toaster is a new innovation. Get up in the morning and turn on the toaster for brekkie and it dials up, finds out what the weather forecats is and burns it onto your toast.

True story.

There’s someone with way too much time and technology on their hands.

Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! I want one! Not as much as I want a Hello Kitty Toaster, but it’s definately on my list of stuff I want. Scoff if you will, but some days, it is too much effort to open the blinds.

I saw the internet-ready coffee maker on CNN the other day.

It’s the same as the regular version, but if it breaks down it sends an automatic e-mail to headquarters and they send someone over.

Totally useless imho :smiley:

— G. Raven