What will you remember about 2008?

I will remember that Christmas came early; specifically that they started advertising for it before Halloween had come.

What will you remember?


Yeah that year sucked. That was the year our house burned down.

It’s the year Rachel came to MSNBC. She’s my favorite pundit. It may also be the year Measure R passes in San Francisco.
George W. Bush Sewage Treatment Plant

I assume I’ll remember this as the year Barack Obama was elected, even though he won’t serve until 2009.

I’ll remember it as the year I got the best kids in my classroom I’ve ever had(I’m a teacher).

My dad died.

Two tough operations. Lay-off from work. *Hopefully *the start of a successful business.

The year I spent the most time sitting on my ass.

[Hopefully] The year America turned the page and elected Barack Obama.

The year I did the least amount of actual work - and started my own business.

That it was one of the craziest years of my life and that I never could have predicted how it has gone and likely will continue to go.

Socialism coming back in vogue in the political arena.

The depression/recession/collapse/doom/gloom.

Heh. I just came from reading this commentary on that.

For me, 2008 will be (in no particular order): the Obama election; the Phils win; me being laid off and unemployed for 6 mos. (and counting).

I’ll remember the sadness I feel right now. I feel so helpless after seeing all of the pure ugliness during this Presidential campaign.

I’m hurt, I suppose, in realizing that some people I know, with opposing political views, haven’t spoken out against some of the absolutely disgusting tactics used by some outspoken members of the Republican Party.

I understand that those individuals don’t speak for the party. I wish that instead of people hitting back with a negative Obama campaign quote in response to my being upset, they would at least admit that “Obama Bucks” and hate filled rhetoric are unacceptable.

I’ll look at people I know in a different light from now on. I don’t understand the “winning at any cost” attitude.

I have a coworker who has spent the last few months actually taunting me - and baiting me because I support Obama. It feels like I’m in a Twilight Zone where people I trusted and even admired are showing me how wrong I was about them.

If Obama wins, I will not gloat - I won’t try to make anyone feel bad about losing. I don’t feel this is true about the other side and that breaks my heart.

In April of this year I had a shag.

My first in 2½ years.

2008 was a good year

This pretty much sums it up for me.

Oh…and I had another kid.

This is nothing new. Just be thankful you weren’t around for the campaign of 1828.

As for myself, I will remember 2008 as being the year when all the struggles and heartaches of the last few years finally started to pay off in a huge way. I feel pretty good about the future.

2008, the year I had breast cancer.

I wasn’t around for slavery or The Holocaust either but it doesn’t lessen my sadness today. Of course it isn’t new, but it still hurts.

I just wonder if that is similar to an “overhead projector” for a planetarium that turns out to be one of these.

2008, the year:

My uncle died at 30.
My mother, the most financially savvy person I know, declared bankruptcy.
I left my quiet life in the Midwest to work in the Wall St. District. :eek:
The most insane election season ever took place, followed by the historic election of one of the most qualified candidates ever to take office (please please please.)

A year of tragedy, a year of new possibility, a year of hope.