What will you return?

I like to think I’m an average guy. If I’m out shopping and buy “New!! Potato Puffos” and then find, when I get home, that I don’t like them I say “Okay, I’m not buying Potato Puffos again.” I don’t return the partially eaten bag for a refund.

If I buy some green beans and they don’t last for a week in the fridge I say “Hmm… I guess I’d better throw these out.” I don’t return them to the store.

If I buy light bulbs and my significant other returns home from work also carrying lightbulbs, then we have 2 boxes. I don’t return the lightbulbs.

In short, if it is not an expensive product that is obviously of poor quality then I don’t return the item to the store. If the birthday shirt doesn’t fit, maybe I’ll return it, maybe not. If the air conditioner I buy doesn’t work, I of course return it.

So what about you? What does it take to get you marching back to the store?

Clothing that doesn’t fit. There really isn’t anything else that will get me to return it. Not even the shirt that lost most of its colour in the first wash because it had apparently been used as a display shirt, and faded oddly because of that was returned. I just threw it away.

I’ve only ever returned one meal - chicken kiev, rice and fries, the kiev just tasted terrible (how can you wreak kiev??), the fries were fine but the rice was not cooked properly - I nearly broke a tooth when I went to chew this uncooked rice! If it was just the kiev, I would have kept it. If it was just the rice, I would have kept it. The fact that it was both was just too much!

I will usually throw things away instead of returning them (depending on price, of course). I have never returned a gift unless it was clothing that didn’t fit. However, I will boycott food outlets, etc, if I disapprove of their service more than twice.

I rarely return things, and then, only clothes that don’t fit or that I can’t stand that someone else bought for me. What pisses me off is girls (guys never do this, not that I know of) who buy clothes, wear them once, and then return them under the pretense that they are torn, or don’t fit, etc. That’s just disgusting. Consumers striking out against the evil market, maybe, but that’s just wrong. Didn’t your mothers teach you better?

I have a question-Does anyone know of any guys who have ever pulled that?
And what IS kiev? I apologize in advance for my cuisine-related ignorance…

Kiev is, no doubt, a dish found only in Australia (hey, it’s a fair guess). It’s chicken, covered in breadcrumbs and filled with garlic butter.

The girls who return outfits they’ve worn… grrr! I tried to return a shirt my Mum bought me, because it was too small for me. They lady refused to take it back because “it’s been worn”. Despite the fact that it still had the tag on it, and was too small for me, she insisted that “someone” had worn it (“I’m not saying you wore it. But someone wore it. Look at it. It’s filthy.”), and wouldn’t take it back. All this because it had a make-up mark on it. Mum spotted the mark when she bought it, but it was the last one left, and she figured the mark would wash out. I don’t even wear makeup! I don’t have any makeup! I’m really unhappy with all those stupid girls out there who have returned outfits they’ve worn, because they have made my life that little bit harder now. I said to the sales chick/manager that the label was still on and she said “I’m not saying this is what you did, but we’ve had people return things with the label on before and they’ve actually worn them. You can get the labels off, and back on you know.” I am boycotting that store :slight_smile: Rude, insulting cow of a saleperson. And she was the manager!!

I return clothes that don’t fit, or that I discover have something wrong with them, like a torn seam. Since my mom knows my sizes and everyone else knows better than to try and buy me clothes, I rarely have return clothes.
I’ve only returned food twice. Once,I had to go back to McDonald’s once to get the cheeseburger I asked for instead of the Filet-O-Fish they gave me. Any other mistake would be fine, but I refuse to eat ass of the sea. The other time was a sub sandwich, with a nice long hair in it. Cut in half with the sandwich. Just gross.
I never return CDs. I used to work in a record store with a liberal return policy, and it never failed to piss me off when someone brought in an opened CD and said, “I just didn’t like it.”
I always had to fight an urge to say,“Hey, you’re the dumbass who bought it, you live with your mistake.” Never said it, though.

I absolutely hate it when I buy something only to open the package to find that its bad. I’ve bought milk that was sour in the container the day I bought it (but a week or two before the sell-by date), raw chicken that smelled rotten after I opened it, meat that was freezer-burned on the botton so you couldn’t see it in the package. I return that stuff, and I threaten to call the health department if it happens again.

I’ve returned unopened packages of chips and stuff that I’ve bought for parties that weren’t eaten and that I won’t eat.