What will you title your debut album?

I titled my debut album Dark Side of My Mother.

Link, of anyone is interested (the cover is sort of NSFW): http://janurec.com/cd07.html

Listen to This. I Dare Ya.

The Hootermobile Must Ride

The Stars Are Right, with cover art of Cthulhu ravaging Hollywood

Do Not Buy This Piece of Crap!

(seriously, other than foot tapping I have no musical talent whatsoever)

But this gave me another ideas:

Foot Tapping to the Greats!

"Tape Your Windows, Folks"
24 off-key tracks guaranteed to shatter everything glass within hearing range!

It’s from Bleak House, said repeatedly by evil old Grandfather Smallweed to his squirrelly granddaughter. :slight_smile:

Bald Walnut

Kevin - The Album


Psychedelic Fish Fry

I saw this question yesterday and couldn’t think of anything. Today a name came to me. If I were to make an album, the name of it would simply be No Change.
God bless you always!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Lizzie off the Pickle Boat.

Maybe a book?

Hair on a G String.

Bob Dylan’s 115th Nightmare.

My bands’s name will be Tribal Drum Addicts and our first album will be called "Hot Tub Town Tonight".

Buttocks Whipper

Taco. Eponymous.
Or perhaps 'Ponymoose Taco.

And in keeping with how the word ‘taco’ got appended to my 'netstatus, not a word in any of the songs will make any sense at all to most people; it shall be a series of inside jokes.

I home-recorded a CD a few years back; it’s called Rebel Without an Effect. I’d like to record another one sometime… not sure what I’ll call it; one current candidate is Stream of Unconsciousness.

I’ve also toyed with the idea of an album called The Album of the Same Name. The first track would be called “The Title Cut”.

Moment of Impact

Strawberry Fever
When the Chevy Breaks
Desert Bahada
A Glass for Sharon
Gimme My Bones
Grin Reaper
You Tuck Too Much
Keep it Neat
Border Tossing

I would have gone with “Eponymous”, but that’s not very original.

My next choice would be, Haikus, Limmericks and Higgledy-Piggledies–The Instrumental Versions.