What will you title your debut album?

I think I will call mine “Jesus in a Porkpie Hat”.

It doesn’t have any meaning; just has a nice ring and evokes a pleasant visual. I suppose I’d have to write such a song as well.
Point of information: I will not, in fact, be releasing an album nor writing a song.


Soon To Be Greatest Hits

Wool’s first album was called Box Set, with appropriate (fake) notes.

Shake Me Up, Judy!

Rub Her Sole


The New Original

You Don’t Really Want To Hear This…

On the inside sleeve: You Were Given Fair Warning

Note that my musical talent barely extends to the kazoo.

And that’s being generous.

Depending on what mood I’m in…

Nothing Ever Comes Out Right - Wimpy acoustic emotional ramblings - low sound quality, high as fuck.

Morning Songs for Evening People - wrote that title in a hypnagogic state, thought it sounded intriguing upon later discovery.

Sometimes a Great Moment - classic rock so self-righteous Bono Himself would cringe.

I like to record my original songs on garageband, sometimes I upload it to iTunes so I can listen to it in the car. Some of the various titles I’ve added just to fill the info out (in alphabetical order!):

All My Favorite Salt Cities
Amorous Bindings
Aww Puppies
Black Sheets
Cheap Plastic Awkward Love
Cold Caffeine Shakes
Farewell to You, Too
For a Minute You Felt Like Heaven
Impressionist Skydiving
Liberty Coins
Little Narcotics
The Madonna on a Mountaintop
next to of course god americas i

Pale Brews
A Parliament of Lights
Perils of the Third Rail
Russian Things
Salty Salty Palms
The Shakes
Sleep Ketchup
A Studio Loft Named Veronica
There’s No ‘C’ in ‘You Later’
We Were Perfect Once
What’s Fun Anymore?
You Stood Like Archers’ Empty Bows

Samples available to those interested, ha! It ended up being more than I thought. I have a thing for titles, I guess.

Dork Side of the Moon.

Authentic Frontier Gibberish

By the Tone Deaf, for the Tone Deaf.

Would be true, too.

Vinyl Intentionally Left Blank

One Door Closes, Another Door Jammed Shut

That’s not bad. How about this:

When God Closes a Door He Often Boards Up All the Windows Too.

Since my album will be like a child to me - i.e., me giving birth to my musical offspring - I will name it…Bob.

Bob the Album - I like it. We’ll refer to it as Robert for the more formal ballads on it.

Martin Walkyier is that you? With all the puns and such it sure does sound like it.

Don’t get it.


I had to Google it.